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Why Korean Overseas Study become the choice of many students

10/04/2017 - ADMISSION
Why Korean Overseas Study become the choice of  many students
First of all, let's find out about the Korean economy. South Korea's economy is a developed economy, fourth in Asia and 11th in the world in terms of GDP in 2016. South Korea is also one of the fastest growing economies with  Average GDP growth rate is 5% every year. A recent analysis by Goldman Sachs in 2007 has shown that South Korea will become the third richest country in the world by 2025 with GDP of $ 52,000 and next 25 years will surpass all countries xcept the United States to become the second richest country in the world, with GDP of $ 81,000
Why Korean Overseas Study is selected by many students
If there is a chance to come to Korea, especially Seoul, surely anyone will feel satisfied and comfortable with public transport services, in which subways and buses are the most popular, can take visitors to any of the attractions in the city.
South Korea is considered one of the safest countries in the world due to its extremely low crime rate. Here, security cameras are installed everywhere, from the train station, subway, supermarket, school ... Therefore, all wrongdoing or delinquency will be recorded and then the Offenders will be punished according to regulations. With a very good security situation, Korean people can go out until 1am without any worry or fear.
The honesty and sincerity of being educated by the Korean people is one of the virtues that millions of people in the world admire. If one day you are unlucky to drop your wallet in Seoul, calm down and do not worry! You just go to the nearest police station to report the incident or return to where you felt you might have dropped your purse, 99% you will find your wallet again.
About climate in Korea, Korea has 4 distinct seasons. Temperature and climate vary from season to season. Spring and autumn are quite short, the weather is hot but wet in the summer, the weather is very cold in the winter, dry and with heavy snowfall. The highest temperature in summer is about 270C, the lowest temperature in winter is about -80C.
Not only have modern industry but traditional cultural values are always taken care of. Korean culture is always oriental, family life is respected and protected. People live very close and have close relationships with nature. That is one of many factors to attract international students to this land of exciting Kim Chi land.
In terms of education, based on the American educational model, the Korean education system is now considered to be of high quality and prestige not only in Asia but worldwide. For this reason, studying in Korea is increasingly becoming the choice of many students.
At present, the trend of studying abroad is growing, people choose to study abroad to learn about other countries' progress and raise their knowledge. However, the cost of studying is still a big obstacle for many people, especially Vietnamese students. The number of students studying in Korea  is the third largest number of students to study in Korea. The majority of international students studying in Korea are self-sufficient students, who have to cover their own expenses for study and living. Therefore, most people are in need of extra work to cover the cost.
On working days, students can work 20 hours - 28 hours a week, equivalent to 4 hours a day. In addition to holidays, vacations you can do full-time to increase income.
So many students take advantage of the hard work to do for the next semester. Korea has 3 holidays you can do 8hours / day. So for one year you can earn some money to support part of tuition and living expenses. Overseas students are able to choose the right job and the right salary. People just earn more income, as well as increase their knowledge, skills and experience in life.
We hope that the above sharing of Korea will give you more understanding to give you the right choice for your long-term future.
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