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Korean Overseas Study : Learn about Korean language

12/04/2017 - ADMISSION
Korean Overseas Study :  Learn about Korean language
To study in Korea, you should have a certain Korean vocabulary because you can not totally rely on English. Actually learning Korean is not difficult, although it looks like Chinese, Japanese and Korean are much easier to learn.
When you get used to any language, the first thing you need is to learn the alphabet. Korean alphabet consists of 10 single vowels, 11 double vowels and 19 consonants.
There are many ways to start learning a new language, especially for those who have already studied a foreign language. However, with the reverse grammar structure, learning Korean initially is a bit strange. You should start to learn vocabulary about 3-5 words a day, after one week review the whole once. It is not necessary to learn the vocabulary in a mechanical way, you can learn freely by learning the words, objects, state and nature around you so that you will find learning easier and more attractive. . In Korean it is difficult to hear and speak. You want to practice listening well, listen to Korean music and watch Korean movies with subtitles in Korean. At first hear not understand anything okay, listen to constantly. Listen more and gradually you will get used to the Korean intonation and you will find that listening to Korean speakers is no longer a difficult matter anymore.
Another skill is equally important is writing skills. To practice writing well, we should practice writing diaries in Korean. Every day try to write a diary in Korean. From simple to complex content. Use newly learned words combined with new grammatical structures and make sentence . Then we will remember the vocabulary and structure very well.
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