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Korean Overseas Study_ destination for the future

27/03/2017 - ADMISSION
Korean Overseas Study_ destination for the future
Why do you choose Korea for study?
1. Always welcome international students
Attracting international students is the goal of most universities in Korea. Between universities in Korea, there is always competition for international students  in order to meet global standards. Not only does it bring profits, students also enhance the image and reputation of those universities around the world. In recent years, universities in Korea have encouraged large numbers of Vietnamese students to study in Korea, so the number of Vietnamese students in Korea is huge now.
2. Tuition, low cost and easy to apply for scholarships
Compared to Japan, tuition and costs in Korea are much lower. Student’s average tuition for academic year in Korea is about 7,000,000 Won. For campus dormitories, you will only pay about 700,000 won per month. Compared with tuition fees of up to US $ 22,000 (approximately DONG 500 million) per year in the US and CAD 16,000 per year in Canada, the option to study in Korea is a perfect choice for student.
In addition, when studying in Korea, it is easy for international students to obtain scholarships of 50%. Only TOPIK 3 students can apply for some scholarships in Korea.
du hoc chd
3. Freedom in the university environment and free travel
The life of college students in Korea requires balance in high intensity activities. Korean students are accustomed to continuous learning after high school. To go to college, many students are out live and they have less pressure to be able to continue studying and attending classes. Being suddenly free and having less pressure means one thing: the party. For international students who come to Korea, besides the students' parties, there will be many extracurricular activities and field trips. This is a very attractive place for students to come to Korea to study
4. There are many part-time jobs
Students are considered as a "source of clean labor" in Korea. The number of employees in Korea is not so much, so students in Korea have a lot of options for work while studying in Korea.
Some of the typical jobs that students can choose from are: English tutor for children, extra work at school (universities hire a large number of students to do their jobs bare). Being a foreigner, there are many interesting job opportunities for you at school
5. You will have at least one main major and extra major
Most Korean students have main major and extra. The time you spend in school can be spent learning the major and additional tutoring. For example, you can study economics and learn more about sociology. You will have more opportunities to study and practice than you have learned in your hometown.
6. Join - adapt - express yourself
Being able to adapt and adjust to life is the key to success in Korean universities. When you first arrive in a new country, you will surely experience a new cultural, no matter how high your classmates are or how many Korean dramas you have watched, you will have to live and learn how to overcome the psychological shock. Learn how to follow the flow and try to overcome the difficulties and challenges, then you will feel the life of a student in Korea is "paradise." In this "paradise", you can meet your curiosity, love to explore yourself, just learning the cultural rituals and learn a language is becoming more and more " HOT "than in the labor market of Vietnam.
Choosing Korea as a destination for future journeys is a good option for your education. Choose the right path for you!
In addition, when coming to CHD, you can also be advised on study programs of other countries such as: study in Norway, study in France, study in Belgium ...
Please contact the CHD for more detailed information :
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