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Start Korean language classes in March 2017

27/03/2017 - ADMISSION
Start Korean language classes in March 2017

5 reasons to choose Korean language:

Learn Korean with CHD Education

► Easy to get Jobs: Korean language fluctuations are becoming more and more popular. In addition, the fact that companies and corporations of Korea are continuing to invest in the Vietnam market growing, meaning that employment opportunities for everyone know Korean is very high.

► High income: the position you apply for a Korean company when you know Korean will be clearly differentiated by the salary you receive. Even if you are a translator or translator, the income is different from other languages. Average of about $ 100 per day.

► Korean language is easy to learn: because of this feature of the language is that you can easily spell, spell as Vietnamese. So you will not take too long to start this language. Just about 3 months you have been able to communicate well.

► Opportunity to overseas study: If you have a dream to study in Korea, the beginning of learning Korean in Vietnam is not to be missed. By moving to a new land of difference in all aspects, knowing the basics of Korean language will help you to better adapt to life in Korea as well as gain knowledge from teachers.

► Access to the new things: Kpop or romantic drama is the hot topic of young people today. If you know Korean, listening to music, or watching movies do not need Sub, that is very interesting right? Your friend admire about your language ability. Not only that, it is also a way to help you reach a new culture, learn more about the country of kimchi if you are a passionate explorer of Korea.

With a team of enthusiastic teachers, experienced and vivid visual teaching methods,  CHD confident to help students communicate well  Korean language after each course.

Happy learn Korean with CHD

► What you get after completing the course:

✓Understand and introduce personal, family, and professional information

✓Describe people, places and things

✓Understand and express personal interests

✓Awareness of common words, idioms of topics: self, family, school, occupation, city, interests, ...

✓Express your daily activities

✓Ask for opinions, express agreement or disagree.

► Tuition fee: VND 5,000,000 / course / 3 months

► Opening: Every Tuesday. Schedules can be flexible over time.

► Location: 217 Nguyen Ngoc Nai, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi

► Application form:

✓Apply directly at the company office at 217 Nguyen Ngoc Nai, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi

✓Contact us via hotline: 19006927/0975576951/0913839516


Please contact the CHD for more detailed information :

217 Nguyen Ngoc Nai, Thanh Xuan, Ha Noi
Tel : (04) 6.2857.931/951
Fax: (04) 6.2857.950
Hotline: 1900.6027 -  0913.839.516( Ms Huong)
Email:  duhocchdgood@gmail.com
Website: duhocchd.edu.vn

Facebook: facebook.com/TuVanDuHoc.CHD

By https://duhocchd.edu.vn/

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