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“FREE COST” For Oversea Students born in 1999

17/03/2017 - ADMISSION
“FREE COST”  For Oversea Students born in 1999

         ✦Free to learn Korean for 3 months

         ✦Free  dormitory fee when studying Korean in Vietnam

         ✦Free financial statement  for students registered before May 2017

         ✦Giving a Korean Book for students registered before June 2017.

*Register for Free Consultant about Oversea Study in Korea

Student of CHD company – go study abroad in Korea

Student of CHD company – go study abroad in Korea

6.       Period of study in Korea:

There are two semesters in Korea

               ✓ Period of  September 2017

               ✓ Period of December2017.

2. Cost: There are 2 packages depending on your profile:

               ✓The 6 month tuition fee, 3 months dormitory in Korea: only 158 million

               ✓One-year tuition fee, 3 months Dormitory in Korea: only 233 million

3. Route Records

               ☆Step 1: Sign the Contract with the CHD Company, pay the first fee

               ☆Step 2: Placing the class and the free dormitory right after the student signs the Agreement

               ☆Step 3: Receive the invoice of the school, pay the second time

               ☆Step 4: Receive Visa, pay the third time

               ☆Step 5: Fly to Korea

Study abroad in Korea with CHD

Study abroad in Korea with CHD

4. Enjoy the interests in Vietnam

               ✓Learn Korean from signing the agreements  until flying

               ✓Free received a air ticket from Hanoi – Korea

               ✓To be consulted and register to choose schools in Korea

               ✓Prepare and complete your application and visa application form at the Embassy of Korea

              ✓All fees include: translation, notarization, proof of academic papers, invitation fees, visa application, financial statement of fees

               ✓REFUND 100% service fee without visa.

5. Enjoy the interests in Korea

              ►To be eligible to full pay tuition, dormitory.

               ►Be professional two-way airport transfer.

               ►Supported referral for employment according to Korean regulations.

6. Subjects and conditions for recruiting students to study in Korea:

Photo of CHD student at the airport

      ✓Students graduated in 2017, born in 1999.

              ✓Register information (Full name, telephone number, email address, current address) via this link or email address.

                  Duhocchdgood@gmail.com   orcontact us directly by via hotline: 0975 576 951/0913 839 516

               ✓No height, weight, form required

               ✓Fail  a Visa on the other company or having an illegal family member still processing to keep going

               ✓Will learn Korean atCompany, there is free dormitory for students

7. Time to receive enrollment profile:

               ✓Application deadline: from  January 20 2017 to  August 30 2017

8. Prepare Oversea study profile:

               Step 1: Just submit:  school record and diploma (or certificate of graduation) high school

               Step 2: Add the paperwork as instructed by the company.

Công ty du học CHD

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Please contact the CHD for more detailed information about studying in Korea:

217 Nguyen Ngoc Nai, Thanh Xuan, Ha Noi
Tel : (04) 6.2857.931/951
Fax: (04) 6.2857.950
Hotline: 1900.6027 -  0913.839.516( Ms Huong)
Email:  duhocchdgood@gmail.com
Website: duhocchd.edu.vn

By https://duhocchd.edu.vn/

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