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Korean Overseas Study - Discover 5 delicious rice dishes in Korea

12/04/2017 - SCHOLARSHIP
Korean Overseas Study - Discover 5 delicious rice dishes in Korea
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1. Gimbap
This is rice seaweed rolls. There are many differences between Korean Gimbap and Japanese Sushi. With Gimbap rice usually only mixed with less salt, sesame and sesame oil, and Sushi rice will mix with vinegar mixture, sweet and sour taste. Gimbap's ingredients use raw materials that are usually ripe, and are spiced to have a sweet savory taste. For sushi there may be fresh ingredients such as raw fish ... Sushi often needs to be added with soy sauce (soy sauce), and Gimbap often have more spices so no need to add more.
Enjoy Gimbap
2. (Yeongyang-dolsotbap)
In Korea, according to the chef, cooking rice with earthenware pot will keep the taste of rice. Apart from rice, there are also some dry nuts. Earthenware pot  is cooked rice with ginseng, jujube and chestnut are nutrients. The most delicious rice is when cooked in a pot because the rice is cooked and kept warm for so long.
Korean Overseas Study- Enjoy earthenware pot rice dish
3. Cereal rice (Ogokbap)
Ogokbap is a traditional Korean rice dish made from glutinous rice with millet, red beans and black beans. Since ancient times, Koreans  have considered the first full moon day of the year as a very important day. As a result, people often cook their cereal that day and share it with their neighbors in the hope of peace as well as a favorable crop.
Korean Cereal rice is very delicious
4. packet Rice (Ssambap)
What does Ssambap mean? Ssambap is rice wrapped in something. South Korea's Ssambap has the color and flavor characteristic of Korean culinary culture. In the Goryeo era, the Yuan Dynasty of China brought many women of Korean descent to the imperial palace of the Yuan Dynasty. The Mongols do not eat vegetables, so the women, who often eat a lot of vegetables, have used rice steamed with lettuce or lettuce and other herbs. Chinese records include "Korean Rice Rolls" to describe the rice served with Ssambap. As such, Ssambap is a traditional Korean food. This Korean dish of rice is served with algae, cabbage leaves, sliced carrots, cucumber to pack a little bit of rice.
Special rice in Korea
5. rice mixed (Bibimbap)
Rice mix is noted first of all by the art of mixing colors. Usually a bowl of rice Bibimbap must have at least 6 to 7 more dishes with different colors: white rice, egg yellow, green vegetables, brown meat ... With vegetables usually Carrots, spinach, pretzels, mayonnaise, eggs cooked or fried together with meat (usually beef) are seasoned ,hopped, all mixed with chili sauce before eating. This special blend has created the name 'mixed rice'.
Enjoy mix rice dish in Korea
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