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Information about Korean Oversea Study Scholarships 2017 in Busan

14/03/2017 - SCHOLARSHIP
Information about Korean Oversea Study Scholarships  2017 in Busan

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Busan city- ideal destination of oversea study

Busan city- ideal destination of oversea study

I. General information

1. Number and mode of scholarship

* About the number of scholarships:

The global talent training program offers 10 full scholarships in 2017 to Vietnamese students. Targets are allocated to 5 universities in Korea (each school has 2 indicators)

* About Mode of Scholarship

- Scholarships include full tuition fee, living allowance, internship fee

- 2-way airfare for a four-year university course in Korea (scheduled for admission in the first quarter of 2017).

- Candidates will be supported with dormitories at the school

- For graduates, they will be considered for recruiting employees of Busan Bank in Ho Chi Minh City. (in the case of Ho Chi Minh representative office is converted into a branch).

- Especially: If students do not complete the course for graduation, they must repay all the funds provided by the Republic of Korea.

2. Subjects and conditions for applying for scholarships

Candidates must be Vietnamese people who have graduated from high school and have successfully passed the regular training requirements of Vietnamese universities in 2016 or 2017 which fully meet the following conditions:

- Having enough health to study in a foreign country, if having the disease, not healthy but falsification of the documents for schooling will be subject to all expenses related to return home and return All funding has been provided at the request of the Republic of Korea;

- Having good political and ethical qualities, really wanting to study in Korea, never being refused entry visa to Korea;

- Having the results of study in 3 years of high school and university until the end of the school year 2015-2016 reaching 7.0 or higher (on a scale of 10);

- Have a Certificate of Korean Proficiency (TOPIK) from level 3 and have been granted within the past 2 years or have proficiency in using and speaking Korean fluently;

- Under the age of 24 up to date of March 1, 2017 (born after March 1, 1991);

- Priority selection of candidates with good academic performance, good training and candidates with difficult family circumstances.

  Note: Candidates must be proficient in Korean because they will have to study Korean in the Korean language. Candidates who are currently enrolled in other scholarship programs to study abroad will not be eligible for this scholarship.

Join CHD center  hunt for Korean Oversea Study Scholarships 2017 in Busan

Join CHD center hunt for Korean Oversea Study Scholarships 2017 in Busan

II. Featured scholarship schools

1.Dong Ah University

The school has 18 types of scholarships and 67 scholarships from other organizations and support funds such as: poor students, students with excellent academic achievements, special talented students…

Particularly for Vietnamese students, Dong Ah University has a special affection that is: Will get $ 1,000 if having the Korean certificate at level 3.

2. Tongmyong University

Tongmyong University offers five scholarships: A, B, C, D, E. The school enrolls all faculties (except those in the fields of natural and industrial sciences).

- level  A:provided scholarship up to 100% if you have TOPIK 6 / IELTS 8.0, TOEFL 620 iBT 105, TEPS 800.

- Level B: 60% scholarship provided you have TOPIK 5 / IELTS 7.0, TOEFL 580 iBT 90, TEPS 700.

- level  C: 40-50% scholarship provided you have TOPIK 4 / IELTS 6.0, TOEFL 560 iBT 85, TEPS 650.

- Level D: 30-40% scholarship provided you have TOPIK 3 / IELTS 5.5, TOEFL 550 iBT 80, TEPS 600.

- Level E: 30% scholarship, provided that you have TOPIK 2, do not require good English certificates.

3. Kyung Sung University

School enrollment of all faculties (except Pharmacy, Department of Education)

- Early scholarship

   + Topik level 3: off 40% tuition fees

   + Topik level 4: off 50% on tuition fees

- Next term scholarships

   + GPA 2.0: off 35% tuition fees

   + GPA 2.0 and Topik level 3: off 40% off tuition

   + GPA 3.0 and Topik level 4: off 45% tuition fees

   + GPA 3.5 and Topik level 4:off  50% tuition fees

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