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1. What is a Chinese Visa?

A Chinese visa is a stamp or guarantee issued by a Chinese authority and paste into a passport and will permit the holder of the passport to enter China. The purpose of entry can be travel, work, and study, corresponding to each type of reasons such as a form of visa, varying in length, procedures and costs.


2. Who needs a Chinese visa?

If you want to travel to Mainland China, whatever reason is your travel, work or study, you must be issued a Chinese visa before departure. But you will also be exempt from this requirement if you only wish to reside in Hong Kong or Macao for less than 30 days.

3. How long does it take to get a Chinese Visa?

The answer will depend on which visa you want. The cost that the Chinese consulate requires will also depend on the content of your visa application.

4. What is the Visa Content?

On Visa will provide some information that you have informed before. So what is the information?

A. Category of the Visa (L - Visa: travel, F - Visa: work, study)

B. Number of entries (1 - 2 or M - many times)


C. Duration of Stay - The number of days of stay can be 30, 90, 120, or 180 days depending on your needs.

D. Entry Date - The date you first arrived in China.

Also, regarding the procedures for obtaining a visa to study in China and how to apply for a Chinese visa extension, there will also be procedures for you to remember.

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