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STUDY IN CHINA - About Chinese Cuisine

STUDY IN CHINA - About Chinese Cuisine
Study CHD will introduce some famous Chinese dishes and tourists from around the world prefer. If you have the opportunity to study in China or traveling this country, it will be one opportunity you should contemplate at least once.
This is a lucky food because the dish this cake looks like the old Chinese coins. Dimsum represent prosperity and hope for a bright future.
Most regions are baking traditional semicircle. Under this package, when the package double crust pie, use the thumb and forefinger of his right hand under valances semicircular rim is, must borders are called "stewards". Married pull two ends of the semicircle interconnected like mina, seven games cap, symbolizing the money to everywhere, gold full house.
In Countryside, people outside casing puller sparkling prints laden cotton, wheat seeds, with the implication that the new year season cereal. In the north, according to custom, family members prepare effervescent wheel dimsum before the New Year Eve moment and eat after midnight. Regardless of a business trip, or studying or working away from home, will return to be reunited with their families. The whole family gathered to make Dimsum , eat Dimsum, generally happy, warm atmosphere vadam serenity of Tet. One of the members of the family if lucky can find a coin in Dimsum.
Apart from the new year, many families also prepare cakes Sparkling puller for other special occasions such as Birthdays, holidays such as Christmas or Thanksgiving. The whole family together to eat , symbolize reunion. The host invited guests to eat cake to show their respect and enthusiasm.
Ancestral Cake (Nian Gao)
Cake made from glutinous rice, the good kind, supple and fragrant, sugar bowl was made quite thoroughly, removing all impurities and give little fresh ginger to taste. Nian Gao, Nian Gao transcribed like implied only prosperity, progress, always go up. According to the Chinese, "Gao" is bread, "Nian" is an adhesive, is glutinous cake, bread stick, and people using this cake to wish the members of the family will always adhesive, attach sustainable bunch together.
Among the traditional pastries of China, Nian Gao is probably the biggest. Cake is available year round, but especially the most popular in the New Year. In the days of Tet, the family members of Chinese had tradition happy reunion and ate the first  feast. In the traditional feast that never lack is Ancestral Cake.
Ancestral Cake today are processed in a variety of styles, different ways but still a general sense to wish a more prosperous new year.
As a gift, Nian Gao is made with many different shapes with attractive packaging suitable for the New Year holiday season. The designs are symbolic and good wishes.
Skinty tofu
For a long time, fermented tofu had bad smell, is called Skinty tofu ,became familiar snack of the Chinese people. Food stinky tofu is not the cuisine sophisticated, luxurious, and expensive, but fascinating how people first tasted this dish by the rustic, idyllic and in particular it is the taste "bad smell" but with this strange attraction.
Chinese people have liked to eat tofu especially fermenting for a long time, and has a strong smell. Special stinky tofu would taste better if it impregnated grilled spicy chili or curry powder added to increase the attractiveness of this street food. Stinky tofu from the Kangxi king.  When he was a poor student, has not passed the. And he spent depleted, and unable to return to his home but and stay at captital wait for the exam next year. To be able to survive, he decided to make tofu to sell.
However, the sale was not good and tofu aren’t sold and makes poor students a very sad. But the difficulty to emerge from the wisdom, he decided to chopped tofu, then carried salted away. After a few days, tofu tasted very strange, and a little bad smell. The smell was strange, however this is attractive to many customers, since then stinky tofu are widely sold and become familiar rustic dishes from China to this day.
Peking Duck
Special dishes are popular in northeast China, especially Beijing.With Peking Opera, Peking Duck has become the brand's culture in this capitals.
Peking duck prepared very picky and meticulous, only the fat ducks are selected for use as raw materials. Then spicy, simply prepared meticulously and put into the oven. Peking Duck is served skin and meat separately, skin eat before clamping with roll, cucumber, onions, peppers dipped in a soy sauce specifically, the meat is processed as soup, fried with rice to eat is also very fragrant tasty.
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