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China overseas study - Civil Aviation University

China overseas study - Civil Aviation University

Let's withCHD training and oversea study consultation company. ltdto learn about the informationas well as the department of this school when overseas study in China.

I. Introduction

            The Civil Aviation University is 110 hectaresin total area. The architectural area is 550 thousand square metersin area; the fixed assets worth nearly 1 billion Yuan. The school has the leading technology training center in the country, 24 practice aircraft, 40 aircraft engines of all kinds,the library stores more than 1 million book titles; thebroadband network 1,000 Mbps, can meet the needs of nearly 10,000 computers access the network at the same time.

Overseas study at the Civil Aviation University of China

Along with the growing demand of society, the school adjusts the structure of majors and subjects constantly. At present, the school has 4 subjects at the provincialand the ministeriallevel which aretelecommunications information system, aerospace science and technology, transportation technology, business management. There are 25 campusinmasters training, there are 24 bacherlor majors.

The University has recognized talents as the number one resource, has built the incentive mechanism, completed the regulation ofmanagement and science constantly, appeared a series of famous experts and scholars domestically and internationally about Civil aviation branch. The school has 778 teachers, including more than 400 highly qualified teachers.

II. The advantage

Since establishment, the school has trained more than 40,000 students in the civil aviation and social industry, with students from all over the manufacturing and technology sectors of the aviation industry. 1/7 office-holder, 1/3 technical and managerial talents of civil aviation industry nationwide graduated from school. Currently, there are 13,000 students studying at the school.

In recent years, the school has been responsible for 46 projects of the High Tech Science "863" National Program, The National Natural Scientist fund for distinguished young, the National Natural Science Foundation, the National flexible Science Foundation ..., was awarded 2 second prize about the National science advancement, 39 prize results of scientific research at provincial and level. The Civil Aviation University of China has established a university technology science garden at provincial and ministerial level which is the important cornerstone of China's civil aviation science and technology. Now, there are 7 enterprise in type of technology science

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