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Studying abroad at the prestigious University of Ghent in Belgium

Studying abroad at the prestigious University of Ghent in Belgium

Ghent University is a top 100 university founded in 1817. As one of the major universities in Belgium, there are 11 faculties and 230 courses:

- Faculty of Law

- Faculty of Pharmacy

- Faculty of Medicine and Health

- Veterinary Medicine

- Faculty of Science

- Faculty of Science and Technology

- Faculty of Political Science and Social Sciences

- Faculty of Engineering and Architecture

- Faculty of Business and Economic Management

- Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences

- Faculty of Arts and Philosophy

The bachelor programs are taught in Dutch, some masters programs, and doctoral programs taught in English.

With world leading quality teaching, Ghent attracts more than 41,000 students per year, including 60-70 Vietnamese students.

Ghent University

Ghent city

Choosing Ghent as your destination for study abroad is not only the prestigious Ghent university but also a rich and historic Ghent city. Walking around the city, you will see a lot of monuments, ancient architecture beautiful. Moreover, you can discover the history and culture of Ghent at the museums. Ghent has many museums such as the City Museum - STAM, Museum of Fine Art, S.M.A.K, Design Museum Gent, Guislain, Amold Vander Haeghen Museum, Museum of History Science....

Ghent has many attractive destinations such as Castle Counts, Belfry's ancient tower with more than 300 steps and statues of dragons at the top of the tower where are the symbol of the city, the Kouter Square, bustling Bij Sint-Jacobs Square. A number of ancient churches in the area also attract tourists such as St. Bavo Church, St. James Church, St. Anne's Church, St. Michael's Church, St. Nicholas Church...

It can be said Ghent is an ideal living and studying environment for international students. Not as noisy, bustling as the other big cities, Ghent carries a separate, ancient feature, without too monotonous, let's go to Ghent to learn and feel it!


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