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Let’s “hunt” Belgium scholarship – Master’s program in 2017 with CHD

Let’s “hunt” Belgium scholarship – Master’s program in 2017 with CHD

1. Science Leuven scholarship

The Science Leuven scholarship is a good opportunity for students who interested in learning science faculty group at KU Leuven university
The scholarship granted by KU Leuven university for the faculties of the Faculty of Sciences (biology, chemistry, physics, geography, mathematics, statistics, molecules, physiology and etc.)
Level: postgraduate
Information on the scholarship: the scholarship value can be up to 10.000 Euro for a year and free tuition fees in a year, free insurance and basic health insurance. The amount for living cost can be changed. If you have opportunity to get this scholarship, you still need to prepare a little amount for one study year in KU Leuven.
 The candidate has never learned or worked at KU Leuven university
 The candidate has bachelor degree at a foreign university that in accordance with the master’s program they want to registry. 
 The candidate doesn’t get master’s degree or doctor of philosophy degree.
 The candidate has excellent academic record 
 The candidate is good at English: TOEFL IBT scored at least 94 points (including: reading 19 points, listening 18 points, speaking 19 points, writing 21 points) or IELTS at least 7.0 (reading 6.5, listening 6.0, speaking 6.0, writing 6.0)
 The candidate can present their motivation to keep on learning master’s program at the school’s Faculty of Science

2. VLIR – UOS Training and Master Scholarships

Do not miss the VLIR-UOS value master scholarship in Flanders region of the Belgium
This scholarship is granted for students from 31 countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America that are studying English-teaching training programs or master’s programs at colleges and universities of Flanders region, and is granted by Flemish university and participation universities. The scholarship includes allowances, accommodation, insurance, international travel fees and tuition fees.  
 The candidate has nationality and reside in one of the countries is on the list of scholarship granted by the application time.
 The candidate must not be over 35 years old if he/she studies master’s program and not be over 40 years old if he/she want to studies senior master program.
 The candidate has professional qualifications and experiences (preferably candidates with experience in educational institutions, research institutes, socio-economic organizations)
Deadline: Depend on each program.
There are also many attractive scholarships for the upcoming 2017 academic year. Do not hesitate, feel free to contact our company – CHD for more details on Belgium’s scholarship program and please notice the deadline for each program so you cannot miss your opportunity!

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Address: 217 Nguyen Ngoc Nai, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi

Hotline: 0913.839.516 or 0975.576.951

Email: duhocchdgood@gmail.com

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