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Student life in Australia

Student life in Australia
1. Study
Most international students who come to Australia for the first time will be surprised by the strangeness of their lifestyles, local language and work style. English is prepared from books; it is many different parts than the fact. However, the teachers in here are very enthusiastic, friendly, always willing to help foreign students in learning foreign languages. The level of communication of the student will be significantly improved after a short time. In addition to class time, you can listen to music, watch movies, read newspapers to increase your listening, speaking and vocabulary skills. In addition, Australian schools regularly organize picnics to build good relationships among students.
Du học Úc
2. Living
✓ The main transportation in Australia are buses, trains, trams, which run permanently at a time of day, cost savings for students, it is usually around AUD $ 200 per month.
✓Costs of food are not expensive. You can go to Vietnamese markets like Footscray, Sunshine if you are not comfortable with Australian food or want to save money. If you spend a reasonable amount, on average a month you will lose about 150-200 AUD for food.
✓ Housing costs need to be considered carefully because this is a big expense for the students. There are two types of student housing available to international students. First, you can stay in a dorm or rent a shared house. However, the amount paid is usually very high. Second, international students can apply for accommodation with indigenous people. If you live with the owner and share the bathroom, the kitchen with the owner; it is usually covered with electricity and water, so the fee will be about 80-120 AUD per week. In contrast, if only the house, private bathroom, electricity and water, the amount is up to 120-140 AUD.
✓ In order to reduce the cost burden, students can work in restaurants and hotels with an income of about $ 15-20 / h. According to the new government policy for international students, students will be offered 40 hours per week.
Đất nước Úc xinh đẹp
Recreational activities
►Coming to the Australian sports country, there are many sights and activities and cultural activities that is waiting you to explore.
►In your spare time, you can visit Sydney, the city famous for its scalloped opera theater with its unique beauty and design, and the Sydney Harbor Bridge shimmering at night. Sydney is a modern city in Australia with many splendid buildings that are nowhere in Vietnam.
► If you want to go to the sea, Palm Cove Beach will not disappoint you. Palm Cove Beach is one of the 10,000 best beaches in Australia, with its gorgeous, smooth, sandy beaches that are considered one of Australia's most beautiful beaches. The waves here are not so strong; so young children can enjoy swimming.
►In addition, you can visit some other places such as Melbourne, Nambung National Park, Great Barrier Reef, the places that make the mark of Australia in everyone's heart.
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