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8 reasons for your choice to study at University of Canberra in Australia in 2017

8 reasons for your choice to study at University of Canberra in Australia in 2017

Meanwhile, a lot of Vietnamese students have questions to choose the right school for their study in Australia. Thus CHD wishes to make you understand clearly 8 reasons for your choice to study at University of Canberra in this article.

 1. Tradition of training at University of Canberra

Established in 1968, this University of Canberra is located in the breeding position of the Canberra capital, in Australia. This is headquarters of the government of the Commonwealth of Nations, the diplomatic community as well as international corporations with areas more than 120 hectares of suburbs in the west of downtown in Canberra. This University is adjacent to the Canberra Institute of Technology and the inter-government federal agencies therefore the security hereby is considered to be in the safest place in Australia.

2. Strength in the training field

With more than 30 training majors, University of Canberra has created the diverse fields of training programs from college, university, undergraduate, post graduate and certificates which are helpful to students with their much more abundant choice.

This University is well known with the prominent training fields in: information technology, management, law, accounting, engineering, education, language, marketing, journalism, design, architecture, biomedical science, psychology, nursing, environmental science…

3. The training quality

University of Canberra is not by chance ranked by QS in top 5% of the global leading university. This University has been one of the most dynamic members in the Association of Australian University Colleges with their difference in both the quality and the teaching methodology. The graduates from this University are appreciated with their high ability and they are always in the top school with highest employment ratio after their graduation. The other graduates are the key people in the big corporations and in the government.  

4. The vibrant environment and diverse cultural background

University of Canberra has the multicultural environment with more than 12,500 students, of which about 2,500 international students with their different nationalities.

International students have lots of opportunities in making new friends and exchanging knowledge with other people in the world to experience and explore the interesting things in the various types of culture.

 This university is located in the capital center with many the major governmental agencies and the leading international companies. This is the favorable condition for students to experience and apply knowledge, skill through internship at the prestigious corporations, companies. Moreover, this is the competitive advantage for the new graduates from the University to join in the human forces. University of Canberra commits to provide the students the successful elements for their readiness to start their work in the best way. All programs in the University recognized in the world are useful to the graduates from the University because they are in target of the leading companies offering high starting salary

5. Tuition fee

Tuition fee for international students at University of Canberra is very competitive from

15,800 AUD according to major and course. University of Canberra also provides other programs such as Bachelor, Master, Doctor, Diploma and other short courses.

Here is University of Canberra

6. Enrolment time

Intakes are in February and July annually. Especially students can study only the research and English programs at this University at any time of the year.

7. Scholarship

This University offers the current scholarship worthy up to 20,000 AUD for Computer Network Engineering and Software Technology (Engineering in Network and Software). Moreover there is scholarship of 5,000 AUD for Bachelor and postgraduate programs in other fields.

8. Immigration in Australia

Australia is the country with priority and incentives about immigration, you are required to have bachelor degree at University of Canberra with the majors in Engineering, Information Technology, Electronics… you can have chances to work with high salary and considered to settle in the short time. Studying abroad in Australia in 2017 at University of Canberra is the best way for your immigration in Australia.

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