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Learn about postgraduate studying when studying abroad in Korea

12/04/2017 - HANDBOOK
Learn about postgraduate studying when studying abroad in Korea

1. Basically, the science of Korea is not inferior to that of European and American countries. However, in terms of development strategy, Korea's science is going up from applied science in basic science (while Europe-America is  from basic to application). This is evident when the machines in the lab are mostly purchased from abroad. But to acknowledge, in applied science they have done extremely well.

 Perhaps because of differences in scientific development strategies, when in contact with trained doctors in the country feel a big difference compared to the trainers from abroad. There are no specific figures on the number of doctoral in Korea that are well-trained in European and American countries, however, whether they are training at home or abroad, they are going to Europe or America to work or study in Time is from several months to several years.

2. About scholarships for postgraduate students. May be temporarily divided into categories such as: government scholarships, school scholarships, scholarships by professors and scholarships of some companies. Most Vietnamese students go to Korea under the scholarship package of the professor. In Korea, professors often have a lot of projects from government or from companies. To accomplish those projects, the professor will need students to work in his lab.

Students study in Master will receive about $ 500 per month, PhD studying will be about $ 800-1000 per month. Professors pay the full amount of tuition, tuition should give students less money, and vice versa, there are professors to give students the right to self-determination, will give more money. Professors will often enumerate on campus that the student allowance is around $ 1000 per month, while he requires students to make another bank account and only for a few hundred dollars. This is a popular way professors do to block student funds. In general, with the scholarship package, the student is enough to live and study here, if carrying a wife ...

3. About working time. Hard working is a top priority for Koreans. There will be no surprise until 2-3am still many labs, office lights. Korean students (mostly) are also very hardworking, there are many eaters, sleeping at the lab always. Recently, Koreans has appealed them for reduce their working hours, for example, calling for the offices to be turned off lights before 9 pm or at their office, in the Thirsday,friday afternoon  have songs of children are busy calling his father back to home .So, do not shock  when the professor asked the students to work in the lab to 11, 12 pm, or to the lab to work all day Saturday.  That is the time required in the lab, and sometimes during that time you can do whatever you like.

4. About the conditions for doctorate graduation. There are questions : in Europe and America, only one or two SCI (Scientific Reference List), why in Korea may ask for 4-5 items? In general, the graduation of students in Korea is determined by the professor. The school also has the minimum requirements, but the requirements of the school are usually not high. Professors usually take the standard of graduation is the number of articles SCI (optional, the need to teach 4-5, but also spends only 1-2 lessons can graduate). Recently, due to the increase in the number of SCI (E) magazines, it is easier to have an SCI (E) article, so some professor also use IF criteria to force students to publish journals more  better, or have more headlines.

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