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Vistula University - Study abroad in Poland

Vistula University - Study abroad in Poland

I. About the university:

Vistula University was honored to be one of the first privately-run universities in Poland, founded in 1996. Be located in one of the most fascinating and thriving European cities of Warsaw, the Vistula University offers a unique atmosphere with students from 42 different countries around the world. Vistula is in the TOP 5 of the best private universities in Poland by the 2014 ranking of Perspektywy - the leading education newspaper in Poland.

Vistula University - Study abroad in Poland

Vistula University - Study abroad in Poland

II. Introduction to Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology:

When you study Information Technology at Vistula University, you will be taught the latest curriculum in the most commonly used programming languages ​​(C #, Java ...). Not only that, but you will also be taught the knowledge related to modern business operations to write the right applications for you or be able to start your own business later. In addition, Vistula University is also associated with the world leading technology corporations such as Microsoft, Siemens, Oracle, ... so practicing in large corporations in the most practical way is possible in Time you study here. If you prove your ability, the chance of being retained after completing your internship at one of these large corporations is a must.

III. Entry requirements, tuition fees and scholarships:

  - Diploma with high school transcript, visa, passport ....

  - IELTS 6.0 or TOEIC 700.

  - Deadline: December 15th with summer session (beginning mid or late February) and July 15th before winter semester (beginning September).

  - Tuition: 3500 €, equivalent to 86.000.000 VND per school year: 3-year program, 2 terms per year.

Still delay any future IT graduates, apply for study abroad study in Poland today.


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