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6 reasons you should choose Zielona Góra University Poland

6 reasons you should choose Zielona Góra University Poland

1. Living expenses

Although the Polish economy is relatively developed, the costs here are still relatively low compared to Germany or Austria.

2. Career Orientation Office for Students

Polish University of Zielona Gora Career Office

Zielona Góra University has offices for career guidance for students. The main objective of the Office is to provide career counseling and information, providing job market information to students intending to study in Poland based on practical experience. Study and study results of students.

3. Student residence at Zielona Góra University

Zielona Gora University Dormitory

Zielona Góra University has six dormitories, two of which offer rooms and facilities that suit the needs of the physically challenged. The hostel is well-equipped and has its own kitchen.

4. Sports


Sport development at Zielona Gora University - Study abroad in Poland

Study at Zielona Gora University students studying in Poland if you love sports will be involved in a lot of clubs. There are many sports such as swimming, rescue, volleyball, unihockey, handball, horse riding, judo, basketball, rugby, table tennis, aerobics and breakdance. Choose the sport you like and join the club. Zielona Gora University is full of sports facilities, including a sports stadium, a tennis court, a football field, a sports arena and horse riding centers in Raculka, near Zielona Góra. Was it enough to make the choice to choose your Zielona Góra University?

5. Bachanalia Day of Zielona Góra University Students

Bachanalia Day at Zielona Gora University Poland

Every year, students' Bachanalia Festival is held in May. During the three days of the festival, the Mayor will give the students of Zielona Góra the key of the University. At that time, Zielona Góra School belonged to the students. During the festival, students will participate in a variety of cultural, recreational and sporting events. Every night there will be concerts with the participation of Polish young singers.

6. Educational cooperation of Zielona Góra University with universities in Vietnam.

By 2016, Zielona Góra University has cooperated with some universities in Vietnam such as Ho Chi Minh City University of Culture, Vinh University, Hong Duc University, University of Culture, Sports and Tourism. Thanh Hoa, Hung Vuong University ...

If you have a need to find out about studying in Poland, look for a reputable overseas education consultancy today.

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