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The University of Oslo (UiO) was founded in 1811 and was the first Norwegian university. Currently, it is the largest public school in the country with approximately 27,000 students and employs around 6,000 people. The university has an annual operating capital of NOK 6.6 billion, mainly from the Norwegian government.
The UiO is divided into eight departments, mostly located on the Blindern campus in northern Oslo:
Mathematics and natural sciences
Social sciences
Why do you choose to study at the University of Oslo?
✓ UiO is the highest ranking university in the education and research system when studying abroad in Norway.
✓ UiO is in the top 100 universities in the world.
✓ With five Nobel Laureates, UiO has made outstanding achievements in pioneering research and scientific discovery.
✓ As a classic university with a wide variety of fields, UiO has a leading research community in most areas. In addition, the UiO currently has eight National Excellent Centers and it focuses on interdisciplinary research in the areas of energy and life sciences.
✓ As a large facilities, nonprofit university, the UiO has access to many good public funding programs. Therefore, the school has laboratories, office facilities, libraries and advanced technical support.
✓ UiO offers over 800 programs in English at all levels, about 40 Masters programs taught  in English and many PhD programs.
Requirements for admission at the UiO?
Requirements for UIO, you need to graduate with a good / excellent diploma, complete one or two Colleges, University with a good GPA, IELTS 5.0 or TOEFL (PBT: 500, IBT: 60) and studying 1 year Norwegian.
The school does not require tuition fees, so you only have to pay a living fee of NOK 92,500 (330 million VND) (requires financial documents and financial guarantee letters).
The school enrolls in the middle of August every year and opens the registration period around early December and ends in early February.
If students and parents are interested in studying, please contact the hotline CHD training and oversea study consultion company limited for advice.
Email: duhocchdgood@gmail.com
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