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Study abroad at the prestigious Norwegian School of Economics

Study abroad at the prestigious Norwegian School of Economics

The Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) was established in 1936. The NHH and the SNF and AFF institutes constitute the NHH Group, creating a leading center for research and study in the fields of economics and business administration in Norway. At present, the school has nearly 3,500 full-time students. With international orientation, 12% of the school's students are international students.

Being the largest and most prestigious educational and research center in Norway, NHH focuses on six major fields:

✦Accounting, Auditing and Law

✦Business and Management Sciences



✦Professional and multicultural communication

✦Strategy and Management

Why should you choose the NHH?

✓NHH graduates are often appreciated by employers

A recent research shows that over 75% of NHH students land a job before they graduate.

NHH provides a high level of international research-based education

NHH is internationally recognized by its top quality. In Norway, NHH is considered one of the top three educational institutions, and it is the best school in the field of business administration.

✓CEMS Master in International Management

NHH is a Norwegian member of CEMS - Global Alliance for Educational Management, comprising 28 of the world's leading academic organizations and 70 business partners. Study abroad in Norway prestigious universities, is where international students selected quite a lot, not only young people in Vietnam.

✓Flexible curriculum

The program structure at NHH is flexible; it allows students adjust their degrees based on personal preference and career aspirations.

✓Wide range of international opportunities

NHH is an international orientated school, with students not only from Norway but also from all over the world. The Master of Science students at NHH have many opportunities to gain valuable international experience in addition to their time in Norway.

✓Great learning environment

NHH sets high standards for students and only the best students enter the school. Because modern education combines with high cooperation of students, the motivation and activeness of teamwork members, case and other collaborative projects have a significant impact to your study.

Requirements for admission to a master's degree at NHH

✦Students must hold a university degree. Of which, at least 50% of the program is in economics and business administration (not compulsory including subjects such as statistics or mathematics). In addition, at least one-sixth of the degree program is in business administration (including finance, accounting, strategy, marketing, statistics, mathematics, etc.)

✦Minimum GMAT 600 points and GRE 152 points

✦Minimum IELTS 6.5 or TOEFL score of 575 or 233 points on computer or 90 points on the internet.

✦At least 2 letters of recommendation

✦Letter of Motivation 1 page


✦Copy of passport

✦Financial proof NOK 100,920 (nearly 265 million)

Deadline for applications for Fall semester in 2017: October 15, 2017 to February 15, 2017

If students and parents areinterested, please contact the hotline CHD training and oversea study consultioncompany limited for advice

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