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Sungkyunkwan University Korea

Sungkyunkwan University Korea

Sungkyunkwan is the oldest school in Korea  that has impressed people when it was aired on the drama "Sungkyunkwan scandal". Sungkyunkwan University is still active and attracts many Vietnamese students to study there.

Sungkyunkwan University Korea

Sungkyunkwan University -Study abroad in Korea

Today , Sungkyunkwan University is invested by the  leading electronics group – Samsung in the world, which has established itself as one of the leading universities in Korea and Asia. At present, the school has 2 main campuses in Seoul and Suwon, including training courses in Natural Sciences in Suwon and Social Sciences and Humanity in the capital city of Seoul. The school’s main campus is also the campus of the Humanities and Social Sciences. This ancient school is located in the ancient city of Hanyang, was created in central Seoul and near the ancient palace of Seoul. The school is also located next to the Confucius Temple, Seoul Munmyo Shrine, 141 national cultural relic. Popular  relic near to Sungkyunkwan University are the Cheong Wa Dae (Blue House), Changdeok Palace, Gyeongbok Palace, Daekhakro University Road, Insa-dong, etc. According to today's report, the school is one of the best training institutions in medical  in Korea with the hospital systems for research and the prestigious Samsung Medical Center in the world. The school has the most modern library in Korea, equipped with intelligent equipment and systems such as computer rooms, show rooms, entertainment rooms. Bring the students a comfortable feeling when come  in this place. Currently, Sungkyunkwan University offers a master's degree program, more than 100 international students from Vietnam, who often have amusement programs that promote the image of the country to international students are studying here. Not only that, during the summer holidays, winter holidays , the school also provide for students  free travel attractions so students can integrate into life as quickly as possible.

Sungkyunkwan University Student- Study abroad in Korea

Sungkyunkwan University Student- Study abroad in Korea

Bachelor degree programs.

- Social science

- Natural Sciences

- Business Administration

- Global economy

- Global Business Administration & Architecture

- Fashion Designer

- Computer Engineering

- Film, television and communication

- Humanities

- Technical

The training program master's degree.

- Social sciences, humanities

- Science / sports

- Interactive Science

- Energy science

- Pharmacy

- Engineering / Biotechnology / Arts

- Technical manager

Sungkyunkwan University also has a policy to support 50% -100% tuition fees for Korean language courses for Vietnamese students so that students can learn the language and adapt to life in Korea.

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