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Korean Overseas Study Seminar- Overcome all difficulties

Korean Overseas Study Seminar- Overcome all difficulties
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South Korea is a developed country in Asia with the leading leisure industry in the region, a country of spectacular natural beauty that attracts the attention of many visitors from all over the world. . In addition, is a country with a studious tradition, Korea has always focused on improving the quality of teaching, leading education development in the region and internationally.
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Because of the development in many fields such as economics, arts, entertainment, science, culture and training quality, Korea is the preferred choice for Asia overseas students in particular and  international overseas student in general. Especially, many Vietnamese students have the desire to come to Korea for learning the knowledge and experience so that after returning home they have high employment opportunities by the big company in Vietnam is invested by Korea. At the same time, as an Asian country, the cost of studying and living in Korea is very reasonable, suitable for students who wish to study abroad.
With the desire to help Vietnamese students have the opportunity to study in Korea, CHD with many years of experience for sending students to study in many countries around the world including Korea, We sincerely invite students and parents to attend our company's Korean Study Seminar to discuss and address the concerns of students and parents about the problems encountered when go to study in Korea.
* Information about the seminar:
► Time: 09 aclock, Saturday 24/12/2016
► Location: 217 Nguyen Ngoc Nai, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi
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* Seminar program:
The seminar provided information on the current educational situation of Korea, difficulties and solutions when studying in Korea, information about Korean schools, aims to help students and Parents get closer, better understand the education of country and get the most correct and stable way to study in Korea.
The details of the seminar include:
✓ Information about the country and education system of Korea.
✓ The reason Korea is an ideal country to study.
✓ Conditions, subjects oversesa study and records to be prepared.
✓ Information on tuition fees and living expenses in Korea.
✓ Scholarship program and experiences for apply schoarships
✓ Studying and working experience in Korea.
✓ Review, evaluate and receive the application directly at the seminar.
✓ Consult for choosing major, school in Korea suitable with any student
✓ Answerthe   about studying in Korea, difficulties and solutions.
* Your Registration to Participate in the Workshop in 2 Ways:
✓ Option 1: Contact by Phone Number of call center - Hotline: 1900.6027 | 0941 302 596 | 0976 955 315
✓ Option 2: Free Online register  Here.
Student get Korean overseas study at CHD
The seminar will be a place to help students and parents solve all the questions surrounding studying in Korea. Questions will be consulted clearly and accurately by experienced CHD consultants. Please connect with CHD Education to get the latest information about studying in Korea.
Come to CHD seminar to get the necessary information about studying in Korea.
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