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✓ Spain is a country where is an outstanding culture in the world with the most famous wonders today: bullfighting festival, flamenco dance and guitar.
✓ Spain is located in southern Europe where almost round year sunshine is. The country is warm and friendly people with festivals is organised all around year.
✓ Spain is considered as one of the countries having symbolic education in the European countries. So, Spain becomes a country that attracted many students all over the world. In Vietnam, the wave of studying abroad has also risen higher than ever before. The low cost of learning Spanish is an ideal point for Vietnam students.
I. 10 Reasons why Spanish study abroad is so hot?
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✓ The tuition fee in Spain is sponsored by government
✓ Vietnamese students are exempted the university entrance examination
✓ The cost of living is lowest in Europe countries
✓ The students have an opportunity to work 20 hours / week
✓ The quality of education is symbolic in Europe
✓ International standard environment
✓ Easy and convenient visa procedures
✓ Work opportunities is wide with interesting global salary after graduation
✓ Having great infrastructure, public transport, housing and social services.
✓ Visa to Spain is a Schengen visa, you can travel through Europe countries.
II. With 246 million, what do you get?
- Pay for the first year of study in Spain
- Pay for 3-month accommodation in Spain
- Pay for international student insurance for the first year of study in Spain
- Pay the administrative fees and book costs of the first academic year in Spain
- Be thoughtful airport transfers in Spain
- Support to find part -time jobs in Spain
- Consult to choose a suitable school and city with your and your family's wishes
- Practice Interview and provide interview experience.
III. Entrance requirements
✓ Students graduated High school 
✓ Students are studying in vocational colleges, universities in Vietnam
✓ Students have graduated from vocational colleges, universities in Vietnam
✓ No require certificate Spanish or English.
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IV. Records should be prepared
Original passport
    ✓ Original birth certificate
     ✓ Original Diploma 
     ✓ Original Transcript / School records
     ✓ Original No. 1 judicial record
Original Health Certificate 
     ✓ Notarized copy of household 
     ✓ 10 photos 3x4 with white shirt, white background
     ✓ Saving Book
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