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Join with CHD to find a 100% Scholarship Program of UCAM university, Spain.

Join with CHD to find a 100% Scholarship Program of UCAM university, Spain.
Some information about UCAM
UCAM has full name by Spanish is Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia. It is one of the best private schools in Spain, founded in 1996. By 2016, the school has a total of 15,541 students, including 10% of international students, with 9,250 undergraduate students and 2,630 postgraduate students. Every year, UCAM welcomes nearly 300 students from all European countries and partner schools to learn exchange programs and research at the university.
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With the goal of providing students with the knowledge and skills to serve society, contributing the expansion of knowledge, UCAM is always taking the academic and scientific basis of research as an indispensable part in human development and contributes to the completion of the mission of the Catholic Church in the fields of education and culture in Spain.
Specially, UCAM's Los Jeronimos campus also has mordern facilities, full equipment for studying as well as the intellectual and physical development of all students; such as: Library, Research resources room, Self-study Room, Room of Student Communication, Free Sports Campus for Students,....
Students are encouraged to explore the campus with the visitting Campus Tour which organised by the students' union.
Why should you choose UCAM as a destination for study abroad?
- Flexible admission requirements, especially for master's programs, do not require a university degree with relevant major
- 100% training program in English or Spanish
- 20% - 100% scholarships for all training programs
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- Flexible admission on January 2, 9, 10 each year
- Located in Murcia - the city has the low cost and the mild climate
- Language training + internship is suppored 300 Euro / month
-Supported services for international student is comprehensive, affordable
- Direct partner of more than 300 leading hotels in Spain and the world's leading Hotel Inter-continental Corporation, internships and employment opportunities open to students during their studies and after graduation.
The attractive scholarship program
In 2017, UCAM will offer up to 100% scholarships to Vietnamese students as follows:
- 1 scholarship of 100% for the Bachelor of Business Administration
- 1 scholarship of 100% for the program of learning Spanish in the admission period of October 2017
- 5 scholarships of 20% for the program of study in the admission period of October 2017
- And 10 scholarships of 20% for the program of learning Spanish.
Request for scholarship: GPA >7.0 and IELTS > 5.5
You are interested in studying in Spain and UCAM? Please contact CHD directly for a chance to receive 100% scholarships, experiencing one of Europe's leading educations and exploring culture, people and the Flamenco dances in the country.
By https://duhocchd.edu.vn/

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