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Study abroad in France in 2017

Study abroad in France in 2017

Many Vietnamese students have had their dream to study abroad in France where they can study in the professionally educational environment, in one modern, developed and beautiful country. However it is not easy to receive Offer Letter from Institutions and visa to study in France seems not to be easy due to procedures, documents, paperwork, and students cannot know the full process to make the application. We – CHD would like to help students with free consultation to deal with any issue and get more information to study abroad in France.

       ✓ Location: Second floor, CHD office, 217 Nguyen Ngoc Nai, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi.

You can read information to register below:

       *Option 1: Contact to register Consultation phone number - Hotline: 1900.6027 | 0913 839 516 | 0975 576 951

Students and parents are welcome to CHD to have the specific and clear consultation, support to complete all of overseas studying procedures and receive unexpected incentives from now.


Content of program:

Part 1: Introduction to the French overseas studying programs

Introduction to the French education and country

       ►    Information about study programs in France: Bachelor, Master, Language …

       ►    Living and studying conditions in France

       ►    Support of the French government for international students

       ►    Opportunities of work overtime in France

       ►    Information about the necessary requirements to study abroad in France

       ►    Process to make application to study abroad in France

       ►    Understand more study program in France without scores of TCF 400 points or Delf B2

       ►    Understand more about Universities in France

Part 2: Discussion and consultation:



       ►   Answer all question of parents and students at our Company

       ►   Make free consultation for students with their wish to study abroad in France

You can have success in your studying abroad in France with CHD while understanding more about the language study program in September 2017.

CHD will offer you:

             Opportunity to receive the free, enthusiastic consultation about your study programs  

             Send application to Institutions for Offer Letter

             Make visa application upon receiving Offer Letter

             Campus France interview practice and training

             Visa interview training

             Help students to find house and make the housing contract in France

             Help students demonstrate their financial proof when applying for students’ visa

             Teach French language for students and prepare for TCF, DELF in case students do not meet their language requirement.

If you intend to study abroad in France, please join us together for your best and most useful information from CHD during your application process. You can have the strong point in your overseas studying application when you master information in the early time and understand clearly your application process as soon as possible.  

Please contact CHD for more information in detail about overseas studying in France:


217 Nguyen Ngoc Nai -Thanh Xuan-Hanoi

Tel1: (04) 6.2857.931/951

Tel2: (04) 6.2517376/7379

Fax: (04) 6.2857.950

Hotline: 0975.576.951 – 0913.839.516 (Ms. Huong)

Email: duhocchdgood@gmail.com

Website: duhocchd.edu.vn

Facebook: facebook.com/TuVanDuHoc.CHD.

By https://duhocchd.edu.vn/

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