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Admission news for students to study abroad in France

Admission news for students to study abroad in France

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The academic year in France starts in September and finishes in June annually. To prepare for your studying journey, it will take from 8 months to 1 year to make application/procedure, prepare application on Campus France system, get offer letter, interview practicing…Due to a lot of process, it requires a long time to prepare application so students can share information more carefully with Institutions and can choose the right major as their wishes.

It is the ideal time to start application to study abroad in France now. Since date November 15, the electronic website of Campus France was opened and can start the electronics application.

The French government has a lot of incentives for the education, a lot of open policies for the international students. Thus, students can easily choose one of the suitable study programs with their level, aspiration and ability.



1.  Bachelor programs

A large number of Vietnamese students have been studying this bachelor program while studying abroad in France. This enrollment programs to study abroad in France will start in September annually. Students can study this program including: students in Year 12, graduates from High School or undergraduate students. To enroll in the French Bachelor program, students are required to meet the following basic requirements:

·        University entrance certificate if you graduated from High School

·        French certificates such as TCF 400 or DELF B2; if studying the program in English, the minimum IELTS 5.5 is required

·        Have the specific study orientation and career plan

For students studying at one of Universities in Vietnam, under the specific circumstance you can apply for program of L2 or L3 to shorten study time. One-year cost to study Bachelor program is about 185 EUROS in public institutions, about 3,000-10,000 EUROS in private institutions.

2.  Master programs

With Master programs in France, the training program is divided into two clear orientations: Research and career. Students can choose their suitable program with their desire, aspiration and level. The basic requirement to study Master program as follows:

·        Graduates from one University or the final year student

·        With some majors working experience is required

·        French certificate such as TCF 400 or DELF B2; if studying the program in English the minimum IELTS 6.0 is required

One-year cost to study Master program is about 254 EUROS in public institutions and 3,000-12,000 EUROS in private institutions.



3. The language programs

In recent years, the language programs have been approved by the French Government and Embassy in order to facilitate the international students to study the French language in the native environment and improve their foreign language ability and understanding about the French culture, country. In fact, this policy is extremely convenient for newcomers to study the French who do not meet requirements. With this program, conditions are simple:

·        From 18 or above, graduates from High School

·        Minimum French certificate TCF 200 (with the passed writing score) or DELF A2

·        Have intakes in September or February annually

Tuition fee for the language program is about 1,500-5,400 EUROS per year.

4.  Our CHD’s help?

CHD Training and Oversea Study Consultation Company Limitedwith the dedicated and enthusiastic consultants will offer you the clear and detailed orientation and pathway to study abroad in France.

CHD Company is very proud to the representative of many prestigious Institutions in France, we have been accompanying a lot of students on their overseas studying pathway.

This is ideal time to prepare application for the academic year 2017-2018, CHD Company starts enrolling students to study abroad in France for the language programs, Bachelor programs and Master programs. We welcome you for your free consultation and your dream of studying abroad will be easier within one reasonable study pathway. CHD is always available to be your companion!

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You can contact CHD for more information in detail about overseas studying in France:


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