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Overseas study in Singapore in 2017 at MDIS

Overseas study in Singapore in 2017 at MDIS

MDIS Singapore

MDIS Singapore

Details of the 2017 Singapore summer study program at MDIS

The program may last from 1 to 4 weeks with 6 hours of English learning a day, with international students coming from different countries. The English program is offered by Uiduk University, students study and relax on the MDIS campus and live in the modern 15-floor dormitory, which begins on July 3rd, 2017.

Who is suitable for this summer study program

✓For students planning to study in Singapore or study at MDIS. Through the course, you will experience the real English class of MDIS so that you can make more precise decisions about studying in Singapore.

✓Students who want to spend their summer vacation to improve their English but still want to explore Singapore. The curriculum at MDIS will focus on learning, exploring Singapore only for the weekend.

✓Delegates, employeesof companies who want to improve their English in a short time.

The white 15-floor dormitory

The white 15-floor dormitory

The downside of the course

✓Too young (from 8 to 10 years old) will not be suitable because this program is mainly for study, less time to play. (Young children can join the Singapore Lion Island summer study program of CHD)

✓Only accept students aged 15 years and over

✓Do not participate in extracurricular activities during the week

Expenses and schedule for summer study in Singapore at MDIS

Starting date



Sight seeing places on weenkend


1 week

1,175 $

Universal Studios

2 weeks

1,800 $

Universal Studios  và Sentosa

4 weeks

2,500 $

Universal Studios, Sentosa Science Center và Zoo


Departure: 29/6/2017, taking placement test on30/6/2017, return on28/7/2017


These costs include:

✓Cost of English class 6h / day (30h / week)

✓ Certificate of attendance

✓ Shuttle bus and weekend travel tickets

✓ Double room in dormitory

✓ Document costs

✓ Two-way get off and pick up

The above fee does not include:

✓ Airfare (about 6,000,000 VND), meals (150,000 VND / day), travel insurance (about 1 million VND) and pocket money.

Where the partners, agencies involved with groups of 10 people or more, the company CHD will have a special pricing policy. For more information please contact:

By https://duhocchd.edu.vn/

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