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New Zealand offers more opportunities to study and work for international students

New Zealand offers more opportunities to study and work for international students

New Zealand is an Australian nation, internationally recognized for modern education, safe learning environment, training opportunities and support services for international students. New Zealand has location near Japan, England and has only about 4 million people. This makes studying in New Zealand even more attractive to international students as you will have the chance to live in smaller cities, smaller sized classes and relaxed lifestyle.

Opportunity to study in New Zealand

In addition, the Government of New Zealand also creates the most favorable conditions for international students so that students can be easier to study here. Here are some changes in the New Zealand government's international student policy:

Students traveling for less than 3 months will not need a student visa but a tourist visa. International students will be allowed to work full time on all vacations if the program consists of at least 120 credits or distributed over 2 semesters in a minimum of 8 months. All students who attend English language courses at a University or other Educational Institution of Group 1 with a minimum of 14 weeks of study will be allowed to work during their studies. Postgraduate and doctoral students at any university or educational institution in New Zealand have the right to work unlimitedly. If previously, international students were only allowed to work 20 hours per week during the school year, then with the new policy, you will no longer be limited time.

Extensive study and working program to welcome international students. In this Kiwi country, it is easy to find work to earn extra income and develop your skills. These New Zealand government policies have made this country an ideal place to study and work for international students.

Map of New Zealand

With the above changes, in order to be able to work part-time in New Zealand, you need to attend and complete a certain number of credits and study periods at a school or institution. To select the most suitable courses, you can refer to some of the Universities that the Study Centers listed below.

1. University of Auckland (Auckland)

2. University of Otago (Dunedin)

3. Massey University (Massey University - Palmerston North)

4. University of Canterbury (Christchurch)

5. The University of Waikato (Hamilton)

6. Auckland University of Technology (Auckland)

7. Wellington University - Victoria (Victoria University of Wellington - Wellington)

8. Lincoln University (Christchurch)

For more information about study and work opportunities while studying in Australia, Germany, England, France, ..., you can refer here:

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