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Canadian Education Week 2017: CES visa route

Canadian Education Week 2017: CES visa route
1. Why study in Canada attracts international students?.
Join a counseling week in Canada
Currently studying in Canada is attracting a lot of interest of Vietnamese families. With so many incentives and good policies for students, Canada is the first choice for you to study in English. So why is Canada so attractive to study abroad? Do you know:
► The cost of studying in Canada is very reasonable in the English speaking countries
✓ Students can study while working (20h / week)
✓ There are many co-op programs.
✓ Opportunity to settle down Canada easily after work
✓ High quality education, qualifications are recognized all over the world
✓ Canada is one of the most beautiful and safe countries in the world.
✓ Some states have a policy of returning tuition fees after graduates and work in the province
✓ Opportunity to study exchange or practice in the US and UK
✓ Study in a good English / French speaking environment
✓ You can bring your spouse during the study visit. Come back to the appointment, CHD company Golden Week Consulting study in Canada to help parents as well as Vietnamese students know about the Canadian education policy, especially the fast visa CES .
2. Time and place:
► Time: March 6, 2017 to March 11, 2017
► Location: Office of Study and Consultancy Company, 2nd floor, 217 Nguyen Ngoc Nai, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi
► Contact phone number: 0913839516 - 0975576951
3. Consultancy content:
What to study when studying in Canada
► Consult and answer questions about studying in Canada is free
► Get Canadian study handbooks, official school brochures, school leaflets, etc.
► Evaluate academic records, financial records free
► Counseling majors, schools in accordance with the conditions of the students
► CES visa counseling
            +) Requirements to join the program
            +) Schools on the CES priority list
            +) Roadmap to file
            +) Financial procedures
CHD is currently the admissions representative of Canada's top schools. With a team of dedicated consultants, excellent experts have advised many students and students to realize their dream of studying in Vietnam. Please contact us for specific advice on your application:
Please contact us for more information:
CHD Training And Oversea Study Consultation Company Limited- Prestige Overseas Study Consultant!
Hanoi Office: 217 Nguyen Ngoc Nai, Thanh Xuan District
Hotline: 19006027 - 0975.576.951 - 0913.839.516
Tel: (04) 6.2857.931
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Hotline: 0913.134.293 - 0973.560.696
Tel: (08) 7.3019.686
Email: duhocchdgood@gmail.com
Website: duhocchd.edu.vn
Facebook: facebook.com/TuVanDuHoc.CHD
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