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Spain A new and ideal destination for study abroad

20/03/2017 - ADMISSION
Spain A new and ideal destination for study abroad
Top quality education in Europe: the combination of history and modernity
Spain has long been famous for its old schools, such as the University of Salamanca (1218), the Complutense University of Madrid (1822), and the Autonomous University of Barcelona (1968). Come to the country where has the Flamenco dances, students will study in the old school but still it has modern equipment for teaching and learning.
With a European-standard training system, university students in Spain will be have diplopm which recognized internationally and have the opportunity to find work anywhere without being bound. About standards of quality assessment education, Spain has attracted more than 75,000 students across the continent to study and research, building a strong and vibrant international student community.
✓ NO university entrance examinations with international students
✓ Previously, the university entrance examination was always a great barrier for Vietnamese students in the process of fulfilling the dream of studying abroad in Bullfighting land. However, according to new Spanish government regulations, international students will be exempted from college entrance exams starting in 2017.
✓ Proof of finance is relatively easy with the money is not too large, not strict requirements on the certificate, the door to the promised land Spain is expanding ever more.
✓ Affordable tuition fee - just 1000E per year
✓ Despite having the world's leading education, the cost of studying in Spain is more reasonable and lower than other European countries. With tuition fee in college is none, university is only 1000E per year and master is from 2000 to 5000E a year, Spain deserves to be an indispensable destination for international students in general and Vietnamese students in particular.
✓ Not only the tuition fee is low, the cost of living of Spain is also cheapest among in Europe. With just 500E in cities such as Madrid or Barcelona and 300E in other areas, students can be assured of the full range of essential needs.
✓ Study in Spain with only 246 million!
✓ In the past time, CHD has achieved much success in connecting Vietnamese students to study in famous schools in Spain. And promising in 2017, as a bridge between the students and our country, we will bring the best results to parents and students.
With 246 million, what do you get?
 Pay for the first year of study in Spain
 Pay for 3-month accommodation in Spain
 Pay for international student insurance for the first year of study in Spain
 Pay the administrative fees and book costs of the first academic year in Spain
 Be thoughtful airport transfers in Spain
► Support to find part -time jobs in Spain
 Consult to choose a suitable school and city with your and your family's wishes
 Practice Interview and provide interview experience
Spain has been attracting the most international students because of the attractive advanges in study. Do you want to be a part of this beautiful country? Please contact CHD to find out more attractive programs in Spain!
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