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Enroll Bachelor program in Spain in 2017

20/03/2017 - ADMISSION
Enroll Bachelor program in Spain in 2017
1.Some information about the country and the education of Spain
Located in the Commonwealth of Europe, Spain is a country where is chosen by many international students because it has the most advanced education in the world. The combination of a long-standing university and a streamlined, practical, career-oriented curriculum; it helps post-graduate students have a solid theoretical knowledge as well as the basic skills to have and they can start the job in the most favorable way.
2.Requirements for international students
Ø University entrance examination (PAU), is considered to be the biggest obstacle for international students wanting to study for a bachelor's degree in Spain, has been removed by the Spanish government. This is a great opportunity for you to your dream, is becoming a student in this colorful European country.
Ø The program of recruiting students to study in Spain in 2017 is in the spring (January) and autumn (September) for international students, including Vietnam.
Ø Students graduated High school 
Ø Students are studying in vocational colleges, universities in Vietnam
Ø Students have graduated from vocational colleges, universities in Vietnam
Ø Having certificate B1 in Spanish
3.Records should be prepared
 ✓ Original passport
 ✓ Original birth certificate
 ✓ Original Diploma 
 ✓ Original Transcript / School records
 ✓ Original No. 1 judicial record
 ✓ Original Health Certificate 
 ✓ Notarized copy of ID card of Student and parent 
 ✓ 10 photos 3x4 with white shirt, white background
 ✓ Saving Book
4.Advantages when study abroad in Spain at CHD
Guarantee 100% visa for qualified applicants to study abroad.
Consultant to choose schools in accordance with capacity, economic conditions of students.
Ensure transparency of fees, study schedules, visa application from the beginning.
Interview carefully to ensure 100% visa at the Embassy of Spain.
By https://duhocchd.edu.vn/

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