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17/05/2017 - VISA

1. Offer letter

The offer letter will be sent to students by mid-April, early May each year. Depending on the school, there will be different offer letter. There are some schools that send hard copies (original) to students. Some schools will send online offer letter for students to print and submit to the embassy. Therefore, students need to register their home address correctly and clearly so that the offer letter cannot be lost.
Upon receipt of the offer letter, the student will start to apply to study in Belgium to give to the embassy. The embassy application process is quite complex, so you need prepare your application as soon as possible.

2. Belgium visa application documents

Passport valid for 3 months longer than visa term.
Registration book.
A visa application form filled in and signed with two recent photos passport size.
Letter of offer for full-time study at a Belgian college or university.
A written commitment to provide financial support to students is provided by a sponsor from a Belgian local authority.
Medical certificate issued by a doctor, authorized by the embassy or Consulate.
Judicial record certificate
Flight ticket confirmation.
Letter of payment confirmation to the residence in Belgium.
The papers listed above are only basic documents that can be used in all cases. Embassy and Consulates may require additional documentation.
Documents must be translated into one of the languages: French, German, Dutch, English.
CHD Education will help you to apply visa to study in Belgium in the most scientific and effective way

3. Financial guarantee procedures 

There are two forms to prove finance for study program in Belgium. With financial aid institutions such as KUL(there are not many schools like this), the student will only need to pay the required amount of money to the school’s blocked account and do not need a financial guarantee. However, most of the remaining schools do not support financial proof, so students need to have a financial sponsor.
 ✓ Financial guarantee procedures.
 ✓ Sponsor: A relative of the student, living in Belgium or in Vietnam.
 ► To whom that living in Belgium
  ✓ Legal residence documents in Belgium
  ✓ Housing documents, and utility bills
  ✓ Proof of the sponsor's monthly income.
  ✓ Financial guarantee of the financial sponsor 
► With the sponsor is living in Vietnam
  ✓ Housing documents in Vietnam
   ✓ Proof of the sponsor's income.
  ✓ Savings book (about 30,000 Euro)
With each record, the financial proof is different, depending on the family’s financial condition, work and income. Therefore, the financial proof and financial guarantee should be appropriate for each student
To get more information and be advised for preparing the best possible application for your visa application, you can contact CHD study abroad company for the best advice and assistance.
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