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American Student Visa - Great way to succeed

17/05/2017 - VISA
American Student Visa - Great way to succeed

American education is considered as the "gallbladder" of the world education with excellent training quality and famousuniversities always  the first TOP. Therefore,coming United States to study abroad is always the aspringand dreams of many students.

To get your dream of studying in the US, applying for a student visa is very important. There are four main factors that decideyou get a visaor not:

+ Family financial resources or sponsor, which can guarantee your study and living in the United States during your study.

+ Present clearly the purpose, intention of studying abroad

+ Present clearly intend to return the country after the end of study in America

+ Select a specific learning route, logical and persuasive

1. Strong and explicitfinancial resources

To prove your sponsor's financial statement can be used for: Business papers, savings books, housing land/ real estate documents, income confirmationof parent / sponsor  or Letters of financial assistance or scholarships for study in the United States, ... Despite all of these papers, students still need the logic of the papers and need the reasonablebetween financeon paper, fact properties. Another important thing is that the financingresoursemust be law and explicit.

2. Purpose and intendto study in America

This is also called a prove form, you need to prove to the school, embassy that you really want to study abroad and understand clearly about your study abroad. So, how to prove?

+ Need to understand where you are going to study byfind information about the United States, the school, the course and the subject you are applying or the city where you are going to live and study, etc.

+ Answer the "Why" questions as: Why do you want to study in the US? And why would you want to attend that school,that coursewhich is not a different country or school? Why do you want to study that program? How does the program help your career in the future?

+ You need to the Embassy know your plans to return to Vietnam later.

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3. Plan and intend to return to Vietnam

Illegal immigration has been a widespread problem when the United States was a very attractive and attractive country. In order for the visa grantor  understand that you will not be residing illegally returning to your home country after the completion of the course, you need to prove and need evidencesto convince your consulars about relationship with family members, financial tiesand clear orientation when returning.

4. Logical, specificand clearlylearning route

If you want to study in the United States, you need to prepare early and need a reasonable , specificlearning route.

- Why did you choose to study abroad? For example: college students and you choose universityor college again, you have to explain the reasons for the route you choose.

- Choice of course: What issubject suitable foryou, can the course transfer to another branch? What does the course mean with your plansin the future? That information you need to present detail to the Embassy.

School and location: Why did you choose that school to study without choosing other schools? Why do you want to study at this place? Why do you want to stay with your relatives or why in the hostel? These are questions that the embassy may ask you.

So, after all "What is the success of applying for a student visa?" First and the most important, you have a real purpose of learning, not any other illegal purpose or purpose. Then there is enoughand clear financing. Finally, return to your home country after completing the course and answering for questions that what will thecourse help you in the future?

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