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Learning Dutch in Belgium

18/05/2017 - LANGUAGE STUDY
Learning Dutch in Belgium
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Study Dutch in Belgium – Study abroad in Belgium 
The Dutch is the language of western branch of the Germanic language group, spoken by about 24 million people mainly living in the Netherlands, Belgium, scattered in France, Germany and some former Dutch colonies. . This is one of the languages that is quite difficult to learn, has a connection with the German language and has many similarities with English.
There are many options available for you to learn Dutch in Belgium, and foreign language centers are most located in Brussels. As a multi-lingual country, and a common house, where many European important headquarters situated in and also has a lot of foreign language schools. There are also private language schools in the big cities such as Brussels, Antwerp and other small towns and cities. Besides, online courses of all levels for students will make your study more convenient and easier. If you want to enroll, choose a course that suits you, from that you can have a suitable place to study.
With the National Language Center, you can refer to Lerian-Nti with their branches located in Brussels, Antwerp, Liege, Ghent with a variety of programs for students to choose. But the most famous is probably the Foreign Language Center of Ghent University located in the city that has same name with it. The program here consists of 6 levels. For those who intend to enroll in a specialized course in the Dutch language, you need to pass level 4 or 5 to qualify for study at Belgian universities. Right at the Ghent university, the bachelor and master degree programs are mainly taught in Dutch.
There are many classes, forms of learning Dutch in Belgium for you to choose
 In addition to choose language courses at language centers, you can register for online courses to be more active on time, refer to the free study support web sites, and do not forget frequently practice to improve foreign language proficiency. Although Dutch is not easy to learn, CHD believes that you will find much fun and excitement when approaching a new foreign language and be completely confident to complete your study abroad plan in Belgium.

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