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Life of Polish students

22/05/2017 - HANDBOOK
Life of Polish students

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1. Learn to practice

According to the latest report published by the Pearson Foundation, after assessing the quality of education in 50 countries around the world, Poland ranks 14th, surpassing major educational systems such as USA, Germany, France, Italy and Russia.

The results of this review are based on 3 widely recognized research, namely PISA (International Student Assessment Program), PIRLS (Progress in International Education) and TIMSS (Trends in Mathematics and International science) and other criteria such as the labour force rate of secondary and tertiary education (The ranking for the rapid growth of Polish education, for example in 2000, Poland ranks 25th in the PISA study and now ranks 14th).

Many Polish students in Poland share that studying in Poland is very easy; mainly based on ability of each other. "If you do not go to the lecture hall, the class will not tell to lectures, sleep in class ... no one will punish you."


Study in Poland

2. Living

Although Poland has been a member of the European Union..  . since 2004 and has experienced a dizzying development, the cost of living in Poland is still relatively low compared to other EU countries. It is estimated that approximately 1500 PLN (EUR 350) per month is sufficient to cover the cost of housing, transport, food and equipment in Poland.

The cost of entertainment and cultural events is also much lower than the EU average. The basic costs for studying are also very competitive. The average is around 2000-5000 Euros a year (depending on the discipline) much lower than the EU average.

Below is the monthly cost of living in Poland:


Monthy Average Cost


80 – 150 EUR


100 – 150 EUR

Traveling in the big city

15 – 20 EUR

Phone, Internet, TV

20 – 30 EUR

School supplies

30 – 50 EUR

Other expenses (entertainment)

70 – 100 EUR



0.8 EUR

Milk (1 liter)

0.7 EUR

Have lunch at the canteen



2.5 EUR

Cinema ticket



Thus, an average of 1 month international students will spend about 300-500 EUR, a relatively low compared to other countries in Europe.

3. Recreational activities


There are usually Polish-Polish parties. A normal student party usually starts at 8 or 9 pm. Whether it's male or female, people will start drinking beer and talk, for 10 or 11 hours, vodka will be the main dish (a familiar Polish drink). People pour into the street at 12 or 1 pm to go to the dance floor or pubs. The fun usually lasts till dawn and everyone is drunk until the next afternoon.

Thus, the international students can be completely relaxed and carefree which will partially forget the surprise when they first came to Poland.

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