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Tajen University – Taiwan oversea study

Tajen University – Taiwan oversea study

The Tajen University (Tajen) consists of four college:

  • College of Pharmacy and Health care
  • College of Technical
  • College of Leisure and Hospitality


TaiJen University

College of Humantites and Social Sciences:

In addition, the school has six research institutes, 16 departments, 295 facultys, 207 doctorate degrees, 5% professors from USA, UK, Canada, Japan, ... with about 8500 students studying at the school.

Located in the south of Kaohsiung City (the climatein here is cool all year, with four side are sea) with a campus of 30 hectares, including the classroom, facilities are equipped with modern equipment for the teaching and learning of faculty and students in the school. There is a large library, a five-star international dormitory, a spa room, a beauty salon, a gym room and many other entertaiment fields to keep studentswhoare approached by a modern civilized university life.

Advantages of studying at Tajen College, Taiwan

- Thedegree of Tajen University is recognized by the developed country in the world, the quality of education reached international standards.

- For Faculty of Pharmacists and Nursing in the top 5 among universities in Taiwan

-  Students can study in English or Chinese

- The living conditions for studying are very healthy and adequate. The dormitories have full room for students. The campus is clean, beautiful and spacious. This is an ideal environment for students to study well. The cost of living on campus is cheaper than in the social world. Most offices and homes have air-conditioned

- The cost is suitable for Vietnam students. The climate is quite similar to Vietnam, the around of Taiwan is the sea so the climate in here is very fresh.

Semester:February and September annual

Refer to some of the best universities in Korea

 For information about Taiwan study abroad, please contact CHD's HOTLINE for detailed instructions.



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