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Studying abroad in Austria 2017 - Which subjects are exempt from entrance exam?

Studying abroad in Austria 2017 - Which subjects are exempt from entrance exam?

Many training majors in Austrian universities have changed in Austrian enrollment regulations in 2013 which adopted  regulations limit on the selection of input and strict selection methods from Selection schedule to the time of admission. Each subject has different methods of selection.

For the form of training at the universities of applied sciences, arts colleges and pedagogic colleges, if you want to start a college program here, you must pass the entrance examination while only a small number of majors in general universities have this regulation. These examinations will not be too difficult if you have a good preparation.

Which subjects are exempt from entrance exam ?

Which subjects are exempt from entrance exam ?

Some of the following majors have entrance exams:

Architecture / Planning

Business Administration

Biology / Molecular Biology


General Practitioner, Dentist

Information Technology

Biotechnology and Food Technology

Health Care


International Business Administration / International Economics


Journalism / Communication Science

Veterinary medicine


Information management

Economic theory

Economics / social economy

Economic and Law

Entry into Master's program in Austria

Just like with undergraduate programs that all the students can get an admission letter of any University in Austria, but there are some exceptions such as  psychology majors. Students want to study this course need to undergo an entrance exam. Verification by the motivational letter that regular study purposes is not  compulsory at the general university. Students who meet the entry requirements for the Master's Master program will automatically be enrolled in the major in registration. While at the University of applied science the preliminary rounds through motivational letters is a mandatory requirement.

Some notes:

The entrance exam is held once a year before the start of winter semester.

To be able to perform the desired training majors at the university is a timely registration. The deadline for registration at each university is different.

With the entrance examination there are many different levels: the Motivations Schreiben motivation letter or the Self-Assessment-Test and pass a written test. The writing test will also depend on the majors that will be held on the same day. Exam documents will be published on the home page of each university about 4 months before the exam.

Entrance exams are not always the same every year, only when the number of students applying for entry is greater than the number of places the university can provide. Conversely, if you are enrolled in a university majors with a small number of subscriptions, then this placement is only valid if you are enrolled in another university in the same major. At the end of each registration deadline the number of students per sector will be public.


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