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Learn about studying abroad in Germany 2017

Learn about studying abroad in Germany 2017

I. What is the condition of studying a master's degree in Germany?

- Requirement to graduate from a suitable university in Vietnam: If you have graduated from university and have a dissertation then you will be choosing any industry you like. In case you graduate from university without a dissertation, you are only able to study in the same field of study you have studied in Vietnam.

- GPA Graduation Requirement: Most Master requires college to have graduation thesis and grade 7.5 or higher.

- About foreign languages:

+ With English program: IELTS 6.5 or above is required.

+ With the program in German: Certificate of German B1 or higher

+ GMAT for some management courses and GRE for some economics courses

- Work experience for some management industry courses

In addition, each of the different courses will have additional requirements

II. How to apply for a master's degree in Germany?

Almost all German universities will not accept applications directly, but receive applications through Uni-assist. This is an intermediary organization with the task of reviewing candidates' records and if the case is complete, then transfer to the school for approval.

The following documents must be translated and notarized in one of two languages: English or German.

+ University degree (M.A. degree)

+ Transcripts at the university

+ Degree in English or German

+ Application for university registration

+ Curriculum vitae (clearly stating the applicant's education)

+ 2 photos 4 × 6

+ Other documents required by each school

- The papers that you need to invest effort, prepare very carefully are:

+ CV

+ Motivation letter:

  * Letter of recommendation

  * Transcript and APS

III. Find out about a number of master scholarships in Germany

DAAD Scholarship Scholarship Program

DAAD Scholarship Scholarship Program

DAAD is the German Academic Exchange Service DAAD. It is known that DAAD offers scholarships to university graduates from developing countries who wish to study at German universities. . There is a comprehensive database of scholarships so you can easily find the one that suits you best. Scholarships provide for all majoring in music, art or performing arts. Depending on the type of scholarship and academic program, there are different scholarships available.

Heinrich Böll Foundation Scholarship Program

The scholarships each year provide opportunities for approximately 1,000 undergraduate and graduate students in all fields and nationalities, such as those who are pursuing their dreams at university, applied university or art academy. In Germany. Students enrolled in the Master's program will be awarded up to € 750 per month. The scholarship program will open online applications twice a year.

Scholarships from specific universities are as follows:

- Scholarships for Frankfurt School of Financial Management, FRIAS Cofund Scholarships for international students, RWTH Aachen Scholarships, ...

- There are many opportunities to expand to welcome students who wish to study for a master's degree in Germany. You only need to choose the appropriate field for yourself and pursue your education in Germany - the country with the world's leading advanced education.

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