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Japanese Overseas Study At Fukuoka National Academy

Japanese Overseas Study At Fukuoka National Academy

>> Discovering Korea overseas study

The university locate in a convenient location with good living environment, the developed surrounding areas, giving the opportunity to work, study and exchange with Japanese culture for all students.  The school provides students with a comfortable life, always listen to their opinions and help them in their study and school life, encourage students to study seriously, school’s scholarship. Besides studying in the class, the school also organizes a variety of extracurricular activities and events such as Yukata dressing, Setsubun festival ... "Japanese Club" is held on Wednesday weekly with Japanese volunteers join, helping students to improve their language ability.
Fukuoka International Academy – Japanese overseas study
 Fukuoka International Academy – Japanese overseas study
Every year, the school entrance many international students come from many countries in the world. At present, there are more than 10 different countries. Except for Asian students, there are students from other continents who are studying in the school.
With the variety of students at the school, students have the opportunity to interact with many cultures, make friends and study together in an environment and discriminate country or region.
Why choose The Fukuoka International Academy?
► There are many courses at different times which helps the students can choose the suitable course for them.
► There are many opportunities to interact with the Japanese people through extra-curricular activities and the "Japanese Club"
► Exchange with students from over 10 countries in the world to study at the school
► Support in living and studying for students. Always listen to the student’s opinion and help them with any difficulties in their study and school life.
► Classes are limited under 20 students, the interaction between teacher and student is improved. From there, the teacher can follow each student's learning situation, to teach and guide students to get the highest achievement.
► The program is designed to help students who have fun learning in the most natural way. Besides, the school also organizes useful extracurricular activities to help students exchange and experience the culture and people in here.
► The school located JR Hakata Station away - Fukuoka's largest station - the gateway to Kyushu Island just a minute's walk. This location is extremely convenient with good living environment so that students can find part-time job and cultural exchange easily.
► The school's dormitory is equipped with full security system, comfortable living so that students can be assured of their life and study.
Time enrollment, course:
Class period
Application period
2 years
1st November – 30th November
1 years and 9 months
1st January – 30th January
1 years and 6 months
1st May -  31st May

Application fee and tuition:

Tuition fees and cost (Japanese Yen)
The first year
The next year
Application fee
Admission fee
Other fee
Dormitory fee (Yen)
Entrance fees
Maintain fee
Rental fee
20.000 Yen/person/month (rental 6 months)
Deposit fee
 The required documents:
► Birth certificate (1 the copy) 
► Passport (1 copy + original) 
► The certification of the High School, Intermediate, College, University "if any" (1 copy + original) 
► Certificate of Japanese "if any" (1 copy + original) 
► Household (1 copy) 
► The record of high school, college, intermediate, university transcript "if any” (1 copy + original) 
► ID card of student, parents (Copies) 
► The confirmation of work (If working) 
► 8 photos  (3 × 4)  and 8 photos (4 × 6) 
► Savings book 500 million "if any" (2 copies) 
Please contact us for more information:
 chd education
Head office: 217 Nguyen Ngoc Nai, Thanh Xuan, Ha Noi
Tel: (+844) 6.2857.931/951 Fax: (+844) 6.2857.950 Hotline: (+84)913.839.516


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