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Hotel Management College Shannon

Hotel Management College Shannon

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The school's distinctive "Always for Excellence" is reflected in every factor: campus, courses, quality instruction, services, and internship opportunities. Every year, only about 100 students are selected to start attending Shannon.

"Always for excellence" is the best description of Shannon. Excellence in teaching, excellence in professional practice, and excellence in creating business managers are the foundation of Shannon's campus. Shannon School believes that business practice is an integral part of management training. Other equally important things are product knowledge, computer skills and language proficiency.

Shannon students receive professional training: from the first day they enter the school, students have to observe and work as young managers. The professionalism of the students is the top criteria of the school.

Working while studying is an integral part of Shannon College's training structure. During the course, students will be required to take paid internships in year 2 (12 months) and year 4 (minimum 9 months) at well-known hotels in Ireland. This internship program is a must-have and ground-breaking practical knowledge that helps students find their dream job in the hospitality industry after graduation. This practice will be arranged and coordinated by Shannon with Shannon's network of partners.


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In particular, at the end of year 4, before graduation, students will attend a management internship for at least nine months (a contract usually is between 12 and 18 months). International hospitality corporations and hotels will direct Shannon to recruit students to the management development program and will hire the same managers at their offices in other parts of the world. . After 9 months practicing in management position, students will have to take the final exam before graduation.

The Republic of Ireland is a European country, with a long history of culture, a stable political system, a developed economy and exports of 87 million euros in 2013. Ireland is a "Open for Business" country. Beautiful nature attracts a large number of foreign visitors. High quality education system and qualifications are recognized globally. Here, English is the first language, the friendly native. International students can travel to other European countries, or England easily. There are also famous corporations. Residential life has high social welfare, environmental and educational quality as high as in the UK. However, living costs are much lower than in other European countries.

In Ireland, qualifications are highly appreciated worldwide with a variety of courses. Students have the opportunity to work with leading international companies, pharmaceutical companies, media companies, computer companies ... Ireland continues to welcome the big names of the world. Such as: Google, Facebook, Apple, Intel ... to build and establish network operations. Hence, the demand for human resources from these multinational corporations is huge, opening up attractive employment opportunities for graduates, seeking employment in Ireland, Europe in general and the opportunity to apply. An internship visa for Griffith University students in particular.

With the expansion policy, immigration for postgraduate students, Ireland allows students to stay one year after graduation to seek employment and settle down. At the same time, allow students to work more while studying (20 hours per week and 40 hours per week on vacations) with a minimum wage of 8.65 euros per hour. Students fully afford to pay for accommodation.

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