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American Overseas Study – Salisbury University

American Overseas Study – Salisbury University

I. General introduction about the Salisbury University

Discover the Salisbury University, the ideal destination for international students studying in America. Salisbury is a public university located in Salisbury, Maryland, USA. The school was established on September 7, 1925 with the initial name of the Maryland State Normal School for two years. Currently, the school enrolls approximately 7,892 students annually. The campus of Salisbury University is about 160 acres wide. Us News and Report ranks 13th among the best universities and colleges in the Northern United States.

The student-to-teacher ratio is 17: 1 with 32.4% of the class having less than 20 students. With a small class size, students have better learning conditions and the opportunity to talk more with their teachers and friends. The department attracts many students at the school such as psychology, business administration, education, business ... In addition to providing quality programs, the school provides students excellent support services, and a safe and clean pedagogical environment.

American Overseas Study – Salisbury University

Next, CHD Company will introduce the typical curriculum in school.

II. Study programs

Typical academic programs include:

+ Personal Care and Fitness

+ Education and Training

+ Business & Management

+ Technique

+ Creative Arts and Design

+ Humanities

+ Master of Business Administration

+ Health and health

+ Computer Science and Information Technology (IT)

+ Social Science and Communication

+ Applied Science and Basic Sciences

III. Study costs and input conditions

Cost of study for international students:

+ Tuition: $ 16,046

+ Accommodation: $ 5,250

+ Eat: $ 3,870

+ Books and school supplies: $ 1,300

+ Personal expenses: $ 1,500

Application documents include:

+ Complete the application form

+ Non-Refundable Application Fee $ 50

+ School record and transcript

+ Proof of English proficiency: TOEFL paper 550, TOEFL Ibt: 79, EILTS minimum 6.5

+ Financial statement

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