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Study abroad with package 228 million in CHD

24/03/2017 - ADMISSION
Study abroad with package 228 million in CHD

Study abroad CHD would like to introduce the attractive study abroad program in Ireland at a cost of only 228 million package, not required IELTS, flight time after only 2 months of application.

1. Reason to study in Ireland


- Ireland is one of the few European countries that does not require any English certificates.

- Have the opportunity to work outside school hours with a lot of work.

- Flight time is reduced to 2 months after the application.

- English is the official language of Ireland so it is easy to learn English.

- Leading European education with the highest proportion of students enrolled in Master and Doctorate in the world.

- 7 Universities in the top of the world include:

      + University College Dublin

      + University College Galway

      + University College Cork

      + St. Patrick's College in Maynooth.

      + The University of Dublin

      + Trinity College Dublin

      + The University of Limerick

      + Dublin City University (DCU)

- English is the official language and part of the Commonwealth of Europe.

- The highest minimum wage in the EU

2. Reasons to study in Ireland with CHD

• No deposit required

• It is a package that does not include any fees, financial transparency at the time of signing the contract.

• Be interviewed with CHD professionals who study in the UK, Australia, and the USA for their confidence in school interviews.

• Learn English for free in CHD with CHD professionals from advanced education such as UK, Australia and USA.

• Free at international dorm

• Get paid to work at a minimum wage of € 9.15 per hour.

• Choice of school as desired.

• Study in the most developed cities of Ireland such as Dublin, Cork Waterford or Galway.

• Study in a world-class education at a reasonable cost.

• Transfer to UK if the student wishes after completing a language course in Ireland.

3. Study package Ireland for 228 million package study abroad CHD

3.1. Fee is enjoyed

- All tuition fees for the first academic year

- All living expenses in Ireland for the first month.

- International student insurance package fee for the first academic year.

- All book costs.

- Airport shuttle costs at both ends.

3.2. Rights in CHD

- Be conversant in English with native speakers or CHD professionals who have studied in Ireland.

- Stay free at the 5-star dormitory during school hours and make a record.

- Consulted to choose the school dedicated to the aspirations.

- Consultant prepared full documents in accordance with the requirements of the Embassy of Ireland.

- There is no cost during the application process until visa.

- Be guided promptly before flying.

4. Time to study in Ireland

Study in Ireland

There are three main enrolment semester in Ireland each year in January, June and September.

5. Steps of payment

- Students pay a deposit according to each school's regulations upon invitation.

- Close the 228 million minus the deposit in the above.

CHD undertakes no obligation to pay any fees from the time of application until the Irish visa.

6. Entrance requirements

- High school graduates with less than 1 year study space.

- Students who have graduated or are studying in middle schools, colleges or universities have less than one year of study space.

7. Study records

- Academic papers (including transcripts, diplomas, transcripts and the highest degree) of the original and notarized photocopies.

- Curriculum vitae certified by the locality.

- Birth certificate (copy)

- Household registration (photocopy)

- Book of savings and confirmation of balance before 3 months (500-600 million)

- Proof of income

Please contact us for further study and training to get more information:

Công ty du học CHD


Head office: 217 Nguyen Ngoc Nai, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi

Tel: (04) 6.2857.931 / 951

Fax: (04) 6.2857.950

By https://duhocchd.edu.vn/

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