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Notice of admission to study in Germany with CHD

14/04/2017 - ADMISSION
Notice of admission to study in Germany with CHD

Study abroad admissions study in Germany 2017

Germany is still famous for its first-class products. Products of German companies are always among the best sold in the world. Today, in the trend of integration and globalization, more and more Vietnamese parents seek opportunities to study abroad for their children. If your family's finances are not large enough to cover the costs of studying in the UK or the United States, or your ability to study is not superior, you can still study in the Republic Germany

Study in Germany


► Exemption of 100% tuition fees for undergraduate and graduate courses

► Opportunity to choose many universities, many diverse disciplines

► Support special science for foreign students.

You can also do extra work to improve your language and life experience

► Flexible courses in English or German.

► Earned an extra 20 hours a week, earning an average of 8 Euros per hour.

► Stay 18 months after graduation to find a job.

► Opportunity to settle in Germany after 2 years of employment and tax

► A friendly learning environment, easy integration and cultural exchange.

Mr Tram Anh - Student of Germany studying in Germany

Entrance students to study in Germany:

- University and college preparatory: students are studying at universities, graduated from University - College

- MSc: University graduates, GPA of 7.5 or above

- Nurses: students graduated from high school, age from 18 to 28.

Language requirements: B1, you have not learned German can add later and register for German course at CHD centre.


✓Donate 1 million VND to you for registration before 31/01/2017

✓Give VND 500,000 to anyone who applied before 28/02/2017

Please call the company's hotline for a detailed admission to the 2017 German admission exam and receive attractive offers from the company.

>> See also: French Student Enrolment Program.

Please contact us for further study and training to get more information:

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