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More opportunities to get Visa to study in Belgium with CHD

17/05/2017 - ADMISSION
More opportunities to get Visa to study in Belgium with CHD

1. Why choose Belgium to study?

Belgium is one of the European countries that attracts many international students to come to learn and research. With many prior policies for students and opportunities for development, these are attractive points for students to come here:
✓  Low tuition fees: Compared to the UK – US – Australia, the tuition fees of Belgium is very reasonable.
✓  Cost of living is not high
✓  Good quality education in accordance with Common European Framework of Reference standards and international quality
✓  The Degree is recognized in Europe and all around the world
✓  Opportunity for student to have part-time work with high salary
✓  To participate in the internships and practical courses at the enterprises of Belgium and Europe

2. To have more opportunities to get Visa with CHD

To get visa easier with CHD
Our company has a lot of experience in studying aboard field in general and study in Belgium in particular. With our experience and the successful in the previous study abroad, we confidently receive visa application for Belgium study abroad programs in September 2017.
The study programs in Belgium
✓  Bachelor’s degree taught by English and French in Belgium 
✓  Master’s degree taught by English and French in Belgium
✓  English – French – Dutch preparation courses in Belgium
Process for preparing study abroad in Belgium:
✓  Send all the documents to our company before March, 2017
✓  Registry online and send documents before April 2017
✓  Receive the admission on May – June 2017
✓  Complete all the visa application process on August 2017 and receive visa on September 2017 
✓  Go to study abroad
CHD help with your documents:
✓  Career consulting and guidance
✓  Choose the school that suits student’s study ability, desire and settlement conditions 
✓  Make online documents with school
✓  Consular legalization and Embassy legalization
✓  Prepare documents to give to the Citizenship 
✓  Prepare financial documents and visa application
✓  Guide for admission procedure and accommodation for students to study in Belgium 
It’s a very important time to prepare documents to get visa to study in Belgium; therefore, you can quickly contact CHD to prepare the best file for your study aboard in Belgium . For more information, please contact us:
CHD Study Abroad Advisory and Training Company
Address: 217 Nguyen Ngoc Nai, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi
Hotline: 0913.839.516 or 0975.576.951
Email: duhocchdgood@gmail.com
By https://duhocchd.edu.vn/

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