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25/05/2017 - ADMISSION
I. General introduction
Datong University is the famous private university at Trung Son district, Taipei city, Taiwan. Previously the Datong University Institute of Technology was established in 1956 and in 1999 was renamed Datong University. The university has 3 sub- institubes, 10 department, 12 master’s degree programs and 11 doctoral programs. In 2013, this school was ranked No.4 in Asia- Pacific schools at RedDot Design Ranking, ranked 18th among global universities at IF Ranking.
 The campus of the Datong University is very large, about 6,3 hectares, the school is buit diversified, from the gate looking into the education management office, business, engine building, high school, the courts home labs, playgrounds, indoor stadium, sports courts and laboratories respectively.
The Shangzhi Museum is one of the most prominent features of school, built in 1998, to commemorate the founding centenary of its founder, Mr.Lin Shangzhi, built promatily by well-known engineers and architects. The Shanzhi Museum, about 4.000 square meters wide, is a symbol of Europe education. In the museum are designed international meeting rooms, conference rooms, parlor rooms, reading rooms, exhibitions, computer labs, language labs, audio-visual, reading, garden  atrium, the career counseling centers for students,…especially with the performing art rooms , so students can have a great location appreciation art and cultural activities.
II. Features 
1. Study the construction, development and fusion
Students in school are taught by professors and lecturers, and come to the companies factories to practice, strengthen theoretical integration and practice. Contribute research professors of basic science and technology, and to assist companies involved in applied research development design production of quality products, so that the company continues to evolve and become a global company.
2. Guidance of the advisers
School of rigorous, quality and non-quantity education, implementation of counseling system, careful guidance, shared responsibility is part of the school's education. A study guide for each student and professor as a work-study project, enhancing teaching and learning for students.
3. Quality teachers
Approximately 200 research professors, experienced engineers devoted their time to teaching and teaching. Professors and students for a long time studying together, to completely exchange views and improve teaching effectiveness.
4. Professional theory and practice
In addition to professional curricula that focus on science, there are also research programs, training courses, technology journals, experiments, factories and foreign languages, computer applications such as to train students to analyze and solve problems, and to promote teamwork, communication skills, and management of students. Students who have graduated, whether in academia or industry, can be remarkably effective.
III. Specialization training
- Health and Environment Safety
- Mechatronics
- Electricity
- Science and Technology
- Mechanical engineer
- Optical engineering
- Disaster Preparedness and Environmental Engineering
- Chemistry and Materials
- Information Technology
- Traditional
- Construct
- Build and manage assets
- Department of Business Administration
- Industrial Management and Industrial Engineering
- Information manage
Master's and Ph.D. programs in Electrical Engineering, Engineering and Computer Science, Communication Engineering (Research) can be taught in English.
III. Request:
- Have TOCFL Level 2 or above
- Graduated from high school, college, university or master.
IV. Cost
- Tuition: about 48,000 ~ 55,000 NTD / semester
- Dormitory fee: NTD 10,500 / semester
- Cost of living is 7,000 ~ 9,000 NTD per month
Do you want to study in Taiwan? Call the CHD Hotline for assistance right away
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