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CHD is recruiting students to study in New Zealand 2017

27/03/2017 - ADMISSION
CHD is recruiting students to study in New Zealand 2017

New Zealand is a beautiful island located in the southwestern of Pacific Ocean, consisting of two main islands, North Island and South Island, which are separated by the Strait of Cook. Weather in New Zealand is extremely pleasant because the temperature fluctuates not less than 10 degrees in winter, slightly wet, it is cool in summer with temperature not over 25 degrees. Seasonal distribution is different because it is located in the southern hemisphere. Winter usually lasts from June to August, while the summer is from December to February. Spring and autumn are the neutral of the two seasons with cool air and less rain.

New Zealand

In addition, this is an ideal place for those who want to develop themselves by a strong education system and recognized in the world. Therefore, studying in New Zealand in this year 2017 is a right choice for you.

Why you should choose New Zealand as a study destination:

 New Zealand has always focused on investing in facilities and techniques to meet the increasing demand for teaching and learning.

► The qualifications of most New Zealand universities are recognized worldwide because they are in no way inferior to any strong educational countries.

► However, the degree is not the first thing students receive when studying in New Zealand. Most of the students who come to New Zealand said that the experiences of culture, landscapes and lifestyles in New Zealand are also valuable experiences they have received alongside a high quality education.

► New Zealand also offers students 20 hours per week for part time job to help reduce living expenses. However, the expenses here are not too expensive, about 70% Cost of living in the UK.

► Tourism, cultural activities in New Zealand are rich and varied, contributing to the social knowledge and communication of international students and to help them relax after school time.

Study in Newzealand

Study in Newzealand

Standards for studying in New Zealand

✓Full-time enrollment

✓Educational level in accordance with the registration course

✓English proficiency (minimum IELTS score) required by the school

✓Good health, not breaking the law

✓Financial ability to pay all expenses for study and living

✓At least 6 years old

New Zealand Student Visa Application Procedure 2017

✓Talk to a consultant

✓Apply to the school and prepare your application

✓Guide for financial statement

✓Get admission offer

✓Physical examination

✓Apply for a visa

✓Pay for CoA

✓Arrange accommodation, travel


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